"Intimidating": Internet Reacts To Rameshwaram Cafe Owner's Clarification Video

Rameshwaram Cafe: Co-founder of the cafe Raghavendra Rao shared a clarification video that went viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. Read on.

'Intimidating': Internet Reacts To Rameshwaram Cafe Owner's Clarification Video

The video got 893.3k views till now (Photo Credit: X/@vamsikaka)

The Hyderabad outlet of the popular Bangalore-based restaurant chain Rameshwaram Cafe recently came under fire after the Food Safety Department of Telangana found several expired and mislabelled food items at the establishment. Reacting to the news, the co-founder of the cafe Raghavendra Rao shared a clarification video that went viral on social media for all the wrong reasons. And people were seen reacting to it strongly. Let's elucidate further.

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The video was shared on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) by a media consultant named Vamsi Kaka. In the video, we could see Raghavendra Rao explaining, "We are here to deliver the best products as we were promising and coming. Using the best ingredients forever." Further apologising for the quality of food products at their Hyderabad outlet, Rao said, "Little mistakes we have done and I sincerely apologise for it."

"I would like to convert to all the customers that we follow APJ Abdul Kalam's footsteps. Our vision is to play globally and we know we can't make a single mistake. I take it as a lesson," he added, asserting that the pulses, spices and vegetables used in the restaurant are of "premium quality".

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While it seemed to be an elaborate explanation, what grabbed the attention of the internet users was how Rao spoke in the video. Several people felt that it was "intimidating" and criticised Raghavendra Rao for his body language.

"Follow the rules. That's it," said one person. Another comment read, "Why does it look like he's intimidating us and not apologizing."

A third comment read, "Overrated place. Stopped buying from them. Too expensive and nothing great about the taste. He is blabbering in this video and makes it sound as if Shri APJ Kalam was his business partner."

"He is desperate for everyone to believe him, but his words have lost value. He should take action and show rather than point finger at us to better believe him," a comment read.

"1. There is nothing premium about daal, rice and vegetables. They are just normal commercially prepared rice, pulses and vegetables that we use at home. 2. And there isn't any lesson to learn here, you are charging a premium for normal products and yet you use expired raw material," a user wrote.

A person wrote, "His aggressive body language is not resonating with his words...it's like I will take care of those who said there are expired items, but please eat in my outlet."

A comment read, "By any means, it doesn't sound like an apology." A user wrote, "Not going there after seeing this. He's threatening the customers."