Internet Abuzz Over Food Delivery Agent Carrying Zomato Bag, Wearing Swiggy Shirt And Zypp Helmet

In the X post, the delivery agent is seen riding his bike with a Zomato bag, wearing a Swiggy shirt and a green Zypp helmet.

Internet Abuzz Over Food Delivery Agent Carrying Zomato Bag, Wearing Swiggy Shirt And Zypp Helmet

The post on the food delivery agent got a lot of interest online.

Food delivery partners are the unsung heroes of our society who keep our cravings satisfied day and night. Come rain or shine, delivery agents are out there hustling to make sure our order gets to us hot and fresh. Recently, a Zomato delivery agent gained attention on the Internet for wearing a Swiggy uniform while on the job. Yes, you read that right. In a viral photo, the man is seen riding on his bike with a Zomato food bag strapped to the back but his T-shirt features a Swiggy logo. The delivery agent was also wearing a green helmet with the Zypp logo. (Zypp is an electric vehicle (EV) rental service company). 

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The viral image was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by a user who wrote, "Who are you? Swiggy? Zomato? Zypp? We live in a digital mess."

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The delivery agent instantly became the talk of the Internet.

A user commented, "Hustler.... Wearing multiple hats."

"Multiple income streams," another wrote. 

Of course, there was a Bollywood reference. "Amar, Akbar, Anthony," wrote one.

"He's a good delivery executive at the core. Wearing a helmet and uniform. More importantly, carrying a bag to do his task," a comment read. 

Another user wrote, "He is a hard-working honest man who earns by sheer hard work. Respect him - that's the least you can do."

This comes after a video of a Zomato delivery agent gaining praise online for studying for the UPSC exams while stuck in traffic went viral. The video was shared on X by a former CA-turned-educator helping UPSC Civil Services Examination aspirants. The caption, "After watching this video, I don't think you have any other motivation to study hard," sums up the inspiring story. Read here.