Influencer's Post On 'Modern-Day Food Terms' And Their True Meanings Is Too Relatable

Popular influencer Freddy Birdy recently shared a post in which he decodes the real meanings of modern-day food terms. Find out what they are:

Influencer's Post On 'Modern-Day Food Terms' And Their True Meanings Is Too Relatable

There are various food terms used nowadays. (Image Credit: Istock)

The food industry is ever-evolving. Every day, we witness new foods with innovative labels entering the market, and we can't wait to try them. However, as much as we wish to fulfil this desire, we can't overlook the fact that they are slightly on the expensive side. Emphasising this point, influencer Freddy Birdy targeted the food industry in his satirical tone. In his latest Instagram post, he has shared a carousel of pictures. The text in the first slide reads "Modern-day food terms and what they mean." The following images display trendy food terms like organic, gluten-free, plant-based, farm-to-table, sustainable seafood, conscious dining, experimental dining, grass-fed anything, and dessert innovation. According to Freddy Birdy, the translation for all of these terms is simply "expensive" - a sentiment many can relate to. In the caption, he used a hashtag and wrote "Bring back simple daal chawal please." Take a look:

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Freddy Birdy's post resonated with several people, and they left various reactions in the comments section. A user wrote, "And in this era of flavoured teas and coffees in more flavours than you can count, where can one find the original, 'ek garam chai ki pyaali'? A second person added, "I'm cool with most things but I just don't get why plant-based stuff is always so darn expensive." "If daal chawal starts trending, that will become expensive too," another one wrote. Someone asked, "Khana is unconditional love, why complicate it?" "Omg, this is so accurate," read a comment.

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It is not the first time Freddy Birdy has shared his food-related feelings. Not too long ago, he shared a detailed note about the comfort of home and home-cooked meals. He wrote, "The warmest and most welcoming word in the world might be 'home.' You might think of home as a city, a neighbourhood, a coffee shop, or a person. Home is the smell of an evening meal cooking, leftovers in the fridge, books leaning on each other comfortably, like old friends. That's why the expression is 'home sweet home.' Nobody says 'office sweet office.'" Read all about it here.