Hypertension, TB and Dengue on the Rise in Delhi: 6 Things You Must Do to Save Yourself From Diseases

Cases of diseases such as hypertension, diarrhea and tuberculosis have increases drastically

Hypertension, TB and Dengue on the Rise in Delhi: 6 Things You Must Do to Save Yourself From Diseases

Small changes can lead to big results


  1. A survey conducted by an NGO shows the rise of diseases in Delhi
  2. 10 people die every day in Delhi of tuberculosis, says the report
  3. Cases of diarrhea and hypertension have also increased
A recent survey conducted by an NGO Praja Foundation in New Delhi, covering about 24,301 households, shows that cases of diseases such as hypertension, diarrhea and tuberculosis have increased drastically over the last few years. According to their report, hypertension cases have jumped from 3,22,510 in 2015 to 3,61,443 in 2016. Similarly, diarrhea cases have increased from 5,64,416 in 2015 to 6,22,480 in 2016. The data was procured under the RTI act 2005.

The survey also indicates that the infectious disease, tuberculosis is spreading at a fast pace with least 10 people dying every day in Delhi of tuberculosis. Almost 47% of the deaths are of people in the productive age group of 15 to 44 years. Besides this, reports on the rise of dengue cases during the monsoon season continue to pour in with as many as 30 new cases just last week. 

These disturbing facts compel us not only to think about healthcare systems in the city but also about our day to day lifestyle choices. Here are six things that you must include in your day to day routine to protect yourself from the risk of diseases. 

1. Breathe correctly: Most of us may not even pay attention to this but breathing the right way can make a hug difference to your strength and immunity. Ideally, you should breathe from your diaphragm instead of your chest. This helps in maximizing the oxygen intake, improving the way your body functions and even your blood circulation.

2. Never skip breakfast: The first meal of the day is very important to give you all the nutrition that you're body needs. So, make sure you do it right.  Eating breakfast, especially one that includes whole grains, reduces your risk for hypertension, heart attack, stroke and type 2 diabetes, reports the May 2008 issue of the Harvard Heart Letter.

3. Water can heal: Water is not only essential to keep your body hydrated but also important to fight all the toxins and excess sugars. You must drink lots of water especially if you're suffering from infectious diseases like tuberculosis and dengue. Water helps in transporting hormones, chemicals and nutrients which are required for efficient organ function. If your body is dehydrated, it may turn to sodium to preserve fluids which may put a lot of pressure on capillaries and arteries causing hypertension. 

4. Have a daily dose of Vitamin C: Loading up on Vitamin C rich foods is one best natural ways to build your immunity and protect yourself from infections. The recommended requirement for Vitamin C in adults is 40 mg per day. A glass of nimbu paani with two limes is enough to get you your daily requirement. Other than that load up on bell peppers, oranges, broccoli and papaya. 

5. Exercise for at least 30 minutes: Be it brisk walking, running, hitting the gym or playing your favourite sport, you must indulge in some physical activity daily for at least 30 minutes. This is especially recommended for those who have desk jobs and spend their day glued to their seats without much movement. Sitting for long periods of time has been linked with obesity, hypertension and high cholesterol levels. 

6. Love fruits and vegetables: According to the Harvard School of Public Health, eating a variety of types and colors of fruits and vegetables gives your body the mix of essential nutrients, vitamins and disease-fighting antioxidants. It is recommended to eat at least 5 portion of fruits and vegetables daily where one portion is defined as 80 grams.

These small changes can lead to big results and help in keeping your hale and hearty.


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