Fitness Influencer's Post Against Chole Bhature For Breakfast Sparks Online Debate

Chole Bhature for Breakfast: A post on X (formerly Twitter) questioning the choice of the popular chole bhature for breakfast has gone viral. Find out how people reacted below.

Fitness Influencer's Post Against Chole Bhature For Breakfast Sparks Online Debate

Viral post by influencer against chole bhature sparks debate online.

Chole bhature is among the most popular food combinations in certain parts of the country. It is known to be served at street food stalls as well as fine-dining restaurants. This delicious duo can be relished at any time of the day. But many people especially seem to enjoy having it for breakfast. Recently, this habit has become the subject of an online debate, thanks to a post on X (formerly Twitter) by a fitness influencer. Chirag Barjatya took to the platform to slam this practice as unhealthy. However, other users offered a different perspective.

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Chirag retweeted an X post by another user (@Escapeplace__), which featured a photo of chole bhature with the caption, "Tell me a better breakfast than this". In reply, Chirag wrote, "I will never understand how can people eat this tala bhuna highly salted no protein meal first thing in the morning". "Tala bhuna" can be translated to frying and cooking at high temperatures. Take a look at the X post below:

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The post has received 625.6K views so far and sparked a debate of sorts. Read some of the reactions below:

"It's their choice!" commented one person

"You don't need to understand that," said one person.

Another pointed out, "Chickpeas no protein kaise hua? [How can you say chickpeas have no protein?] I get your point of tala/bhuna (fried/roasted) highly salted maida etc".

A fourth declared, "Most of us would have done this when we were not into fitness/coaching".

A person clarified, "When it comes to things like this, protein aur vitamin ko side rakh k kha lete hai [we don't think about factors like protein or vitamins]. Sometimes we do to please our heart, not the mind".

One user wrote, "I don't think anyone who eats homemade food eats such fried snacks every day. Like no one cooks vada and samosa every day in Maharashtra, we don't it puri sabji or kachori in UP every day. Those who are eating out don't have options for healthy snacks as we only get fried".

Another stated, "Once in a while is okay! Itna restrictive nahi hona chahiye [One must not be so restrictive]. I eat like once in 3 months but when I do I skip breakfast and eat this at around 11:30 or noon time such that this is my lunch. Snack later in some berries and compensate with a high-fibre dinner".

Before this, a nutritionist's X post criticising people for eating McDonald's had stirred up a debate online. Read the full story here. 

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