Artist Uses AI To Cover Buildings In Pasta, "When Can We Move In?" Asks Internet

A series of AI artworks featuring buildings and objects covered with different types of pasta has grabbed many eyeballs online.

Artist Uses AI To Cover Buildings In Pasta, 'When Can We Move In?' Asks Internet

An AI artist has reimagined building covered in pasta (Photo Credit: Instagram/

AI has changed the landscape of visual art, literally and figuratively. Artists are enjoying coming up with different prompts to create mind-blowing masterpieces. With the use of AI, imagination has become one of the only limits, as the usual manual skills have been replaced by digital ones. Among the AI artworks making waves recently, a food-themed one caught our attention. What's more, it featured an all-time favourite food item: pasta. Given the global appreciation for pasta, it is no surprise that the Internet was all hearts for these images. 

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In the Instagram post shared by, we see the facades of a series of buildings covered in pasta. Different long and stringy types of pasta are featured: spaghetti, linguine, fettuccine, tagliatelle and others. In one of them, we see a cathedral-like structure engulfed in the intricacies of this beloved food item. Another displays a small, standalone building that seems to be constructed out of pasta. One of the pictures also shows a sports car instead of a building. "If only pasta could take over the city," reads the caption. Take a look at all the artworks below:

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The post has received thousands of likes across the platform. Instagram users have been left fascinated with these AI creations. Check out some of the reactions below:

"On point/ al dente! When can I move in?"

"Loving the tagliatelle house!"

"Your prompts are amazing!"

"If I could be Witch from Hansel & Gretel."

"Add some sauce to it!"

"If only you are brilliant, I would like to have it in my city."

"Can I eat those?"

Before this, another form of AI art took the Internet by storm. In this particular series of images, an artist reimagined billionaires and other prominent personalities working at roadside chai (tea) stalls. Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Barrack Obama were among those featured. Take a look at the pictures here.

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