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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Making Butter Chicken: Here's What You Might Be Doing Wrong

Do you struggle to make butter chicken at home? Here are some tips that'll help you make it perfectly:

5 Mistakes To Avoid While Making Butter Chicken: Here's What You Might Be Doing Wrong

Butter chicken is one of the most loved non-vegetarian dishes.

For chicken lovers, nothing quite compares to the comfort of indulging in a rich and luscious butter chicken gravy. Whether we pair it with rice or naan, it instantly transports us to heaven at the first bite. As easily as it satisfies our cravings at a restaurant, it may not be the same when making it at home. While some are pros at making it and also have their own special butter chicken recipes, others may struggle to achieve that restaurant-style flavour and texture. Your butter chicken may not turn out as creamy or rich as you expected it to be. If you often face this problem, here are some things that you should watch out for while making it:
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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Making Butter Chicken:

1. You're not cooking the chicken right

Butter chicken tastes good only when the chicken is cooked right. If it's hard and rubbery, it will obviously be difficult to chew and spoil your entire experience of relishing the dish. Always cook the chicken on a low-medium flame to prevent it from becoming hard. The softer and more tender the chicken pieces are, the better your butter chicken will turn out. 

2. Using too much butter

It's true that butter is what gives this dish its heavenly taste, but adding too much of it is never a good idea. Along with butter, it also involves the use of cashew paste and cream. While you can't skip adding on any of these ingredients, you can always balance them out so that it doesn't end up becoming too heavy and greasy.

3. Not adding kasuri methi

If you think you can skip adding kasuri methi (fenugreek leaves) to your butter chicken, then that's not true. These dried leaves add a distinct flavour and aroma to the gravy. Without them, you'll definitely feel like something is missing from the gravy. So, make sure to add them to your gravy if you want to make it restaurant-style.
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4. You do not strain the gravy

Another mistake that you might be making while making butter chicken is that you forget to strain the gravy. Not doing so may leave chunks of tomato or onion in it, and honestly, no one likes a buttery chicken gravy like that. For a perfectly smooth texture, do not skip this step.

5. Rushing into the cooking process

Now, we know that you're excited to indulge in that rich and luscious butter chicken gravy, but for best results, give it a little time to cook. Rushing into the process doesn't allow the flavours to be fully absorbed, and even the chicken may remain undercooked. Trust us, having a little bit of patience will truly be fruitful.

So, the next time you're cooking butter chicken at home, keep these tips in mind. Happy Cooking!