This Article is From Jan 27, 2023

US Congressman Reads ChatGPT-Generated Speech On House Floor

US Congressman Jake Auchincloss told CNN that he wanted to highlight the need to have a debate on the technology now.

US Congressman Reads ChatGPT-Generated Speech On House Floor

The Congressman's speech was about a bill that would create a US-Israel AI centre.

A Congressman in the United States delivered a speech on the floor of the House using ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbox tool. Jake Auchincloss' staff said this is the first time an AI-written speech was read in the Congress. Interestingly, in the brief two-paragraph speech, Mr Auchincloss advocated for a bill he is introducing that would create a US-Israel artificial intelligence centre. He chose the AI to write the speech hoping to highlight its potential and power and the need to invest is more research and development.

Video of the speech:

"I am one of the youngest parents in Congress. This technology, I know, is going to be a part of my career for decades to come. And it could be a general purpose technology for my children. What I mean is that in any sector they choose to work, it would be a key tool that they would need to use," the 34-year-old told CNN about his decision to read a speech written by AI.

"I wanted to spotlight this for Congress so that we have a debate now about purposeful policy for AI and not be 10 years behind the ball like a lot of policy was for social media," he added.

According to, Mr Auchincloss and his staff gave the prompt to the AI system to "write 100 words to deliver on the floor of the House of Representatives" about the bill. He then submitted the text of the bill and a press release about it.

The Congressman had to refine the prompt several times before he got the final text to read in the House.

ChatGPT is becoming very popular as a conversational tool. In December, British Member of Parliament Luke Evans used it to write a speech that he read out in the House.