US Airport Seizes 84 mm Calibre Weapon From Passenger's Baggage

At the San Antonio International Airport, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) seized a portable anti-tank gun from a traveler's luggage.

US Airport Seizes 84 mm Calibre Weapon From Passenger's Baggage

The weapon appeared to be a Swedish-made Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at the San Antonio International Airport in Texas seized a bazooka-like weapon powerful enough to take down a military tank from a passenger's luggage on Monday, according to New York Post.

The news outlet further reported that the weapon, which resembles a Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle, is allowed to be owned in Texas, but it necessitates a thorough background investigation.

The TSA Southwest tweeted that "Today TSA officers discovered this 84-mm calibre weapon in checked luggage. TSA has confirmed that the passenger declared the item in question to the airline at the check-in counter, but TSA was not informed. Out of an abundance of caution, TSA did not allow the item through baggage screening."

Even though the firearm was placed in checked luggage, it wasn't reported to the airline as all weapons must be.

TSA Southwest used the occasion to warn all passengers carrying guns to check their weapons with the airline to avoid penalties and potential legal issues.

In one of the tweets, the TSA also included a graphic displaying statistics on the number of firearms found at airports in the previous year.

The data suggests that in total, 6452 firearms were discovered in carry-on baggage at airports last year.