This Article is From Mar 03, 2023

Upset Over Poor Price, Maharashtra Farmer Distributes Produce For Free

Upset by the drop in pricing, a Maharashtra Farmer distributed his entire crop of coriander and fenugreek to the public for free.

Santosh Barkale, a farmer from Nashik, distributed his crop for free.

A dissatisfied farmer from Maharashtra gave away all of his farm's coriander and fenugreek supplies for free to people wandering the market because he was so upset about the low prices, which were virtually nil.

Santosh Barkale, a farmer from Nashik, came to an auction to sell the produce from his farm, but the prices were extremely low, which was over 20 times less than the amount he invested in growing these vegetables.

To sell his 1,000 packs of fenugreek and coriander, Mr. Barkale travelled 35 Kilometres. For him to raise these vegetables, it cost about Rs 20,000. Yet during the auction, each bundle of produce was being sold for one rupee. Therefore, in a fit of rage, Santosh began giving away the entire crop to drivers.

"I was getting Rs 1000 for my entire produce and I invested a total of Rs 25,000 on this batch of vegetables-Rs 20,000 in farming and Rs 5,000 in delivery," Mr. Barkale said.

He was dissatisfied with the extremely low return on his investment and labour, so he made the decision to give it away for free.

"The prices are so low that it's better to distribute it for free; at least I will get the blessing of those people who will get these fresh vegetables," he said.

After learning about his miserable circumstances, some people who received these packs for free spoke with him and attempted to cheer him up.