Swiggy Reacts To Video Of Delivery Agent Stealing Nike Shoes Kept Outside Gurugram Flat

In the follow-up tweet, Mr Arora claimed that Swiggy told him that they couldn't track their rider.

Swiggy Reacts To Video Of Delivery Agent Stealing Nike Shoes Kept Outside Gurugram Flat

The incident occurred on April 9 in Gurugram.

A viral video of a Swiggy Instamart delivery agent stealing a pair of shoes from outside a flat in Gurugram has prompted a response from the grocery delivery platform. The incident occurred on April 9. The clip was shared on X (formerly Twitter) by user Rohit Arora who claimed that the shoes belonged to his friend. The video showed the delivery executive stealing the black coloured shoes which were kept outside the flat. 

In the caption of his post, Mr Arora said that the shoes that were stolen were from Nike. He also claimed that when he reached out to Swiggy regarding the incident, the company did not even share the contact details of the delivery partner. "Swiggy's drop and PICK up service. A delivery boy just took my friend's shoes (@Nike) and they won't even share his contact," Mr Arora wrote. 

Take a look at the video below: 

In the video, the Swiggy delivery agent is seen climbing up the stairs and ringing the doorbell of the flat. Moments later, after delivering the package, he is seen looking around, presumably to confirm nobody is present. He is then seen taking off his head scarf and walking down the stairs. But seconds later, he returns to pick up the shoes, which he hides in the cloth and leaves. 

Since being posted, the video has amassed more than 721,000 views. It even caught Swiggy's attention, which replied saying, "We expect better from our delivery partners. Do meet us on DM, so we can assist you better". 

However, in the follow-up tweet, Mr Arora claimed that the company told him that they couldn't track their rider. " We need to contact their legal team or file a police complaint. At this point its not about shoes its about safety. The rider was let into the house for delivering goods. Now we all have to think about doing it," he wrote. 

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Meanwhile, in the comments section, while some users criticised the company, others made jokes about the incident. 

'Bro questioned his life choices before attempting the heist. @SwiggyCares help this man out if you actually care," wrote one user. "This is unacceptable. @SwiggyCares, as a customer, I would like to know what actions you plan on taking in this situation!" said another. 

"I am Only One Who Was Waiting For Him To Take Those White Shoe?" jokingly wrote another user. "Took my brand new helmet. Submitted the video proof, they asked me to file a complaint with police. I wanted the address which they never shared. I just don't understand why can't they remove the delivery partner and penalize when there is a clear evidence of such act," shared another.