This Article is From Mar 28, 2023

"She Has Passed Away": Teacher's Embarrassing Remark On Report Card Shocks Internet

One of the subjects mentioned in the report card suggested the student studied in Africa.

'She Has Passed Away': Teacher's Embarrassing Remark On Report Card Shocks Internet

The image is rapidly gaining traction on social media.

The comment of teachers on the report card is vital. Parents are very keen to know what they has to say about their child. But a blunder made by a teacher is horrifying the users on social media. A screenshot of the teacher's remark is going viral in which she has written "she has passed away" on the result of term three paper from 2019. The unnamed student scored good marks in most subjects and secured seventh position in the class.

The image was shared by Anant Bhan on Twitter and has so far received close to 3,000 views.

The user said that he sourced the photo from Facebook and did not mention the country where the student studied. But one of the subject mentioned in the report card was Chichewa, which is the official language of Malawi in Africa.

The other subjects are Mathematics, English, Agriculture, BK/RE, Social, Life Skills, and Arts.

The teacher's remarks were criticised by several users online. "This seems far worse than "passed out", that other usage for having graduated," said one user.

"May SHE who has passed away be blessed by almighty in her very being here & now with a long healthy happy & prosperous life," said another.

Others posted face palm emoji, expressing frustration or embarrassment.

A few years ago, an embarrassing error appeared in a 45-minute model test paper in Madhya Pradesh, which was meant to prepare weak students before they appear for the final exams.

In reply to a question on what were the qualities of "subuddhi" (righteous man) and "kubuddhi" (immoral man), the answer read "kubuddhi was a wicked man and led a life of drinking and gandhiji", instead of "drinking and gambling".