"Flatters Indians For Money": Mahira Khan Attacked For Loving SRK

In a tweet, PML-N Senator Afnan Ullah Khan said that Mahira Khan ''flatters Indian actors for money,'' days after the actress praised Shah Rukh Khan.

'Flatters Indians For Money': Mahira Khan Attacked For Loving SRK

Mahira Khan with Shah Rukh Khan in 'Raees'.

A Pakistan leader has earned the ire of social media users after he made disparaging remarks against popular actor Mahira Khan and playwright and satirist Anwar Maqsood. In a tweet that has gone viral, PML-N Senator Afnan Ullah Khan, of the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz), took a jibe at Mahira Khan saying ''she flatters Indian actors for money,'' days after she praised Shah Rukh Khan at an event. He also said that the actress has a ''mental health problem'', and called Anwar Maqsood ''drunk.''

''Mahira Khan has [a] mental health problem and Anwar Maqsood is drunk in this part of life. Both these shameless characters are cursed by [the] public. Books can be written on Mahira Khan's character -- she also flatters Indian actors for money. And Anwar Maqsood is a cursed character full of prejudice," the politician tweeted in Urdu.

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The leader's remarks come days after Mahira Khan spoke about her "love" for Shah Rukh Khan in a conversation with Anwar Maqsood at an event in Karachi, The Express Tribune reported. At the event, she also talked about her political views. When asked which political party she supports, Ms Khan referred to SRK's new film 'Pathaan', hinting at former prime minister Imran Khan. ''Mae pathaan ki taraf hun (I am with pathaan),'' she said.

The actress also spoke in length about her delight in working with SRK. ''Shah Rukh Khan was the hero of my time and I was in love with him and used to think about working with him. It was a dream of mine that I never knew would be completed. The fact that I got to it was amazing."

"He was so sweet to everyone around him, from the spot boy to other employees. It was him that inspired me to be humble no wonder how big a star you are, always be modest,'' Ms Khan added.

Several Twitter users lashed out at the politician for his defamatory remarks and defended the actress.

Giving a befitting reply to the politician's tweet, Pakistani singer-songwriter Farhan Saeed wrote, ''This is the mentality that doesn't let #Pakistan grow , this is what they do when someone just gives an opinion or has a political preference . They get personal so people stop giving their opinion . Senator ? Zuban jahilon wali''

Another person said, ''This is why we hate PMLN and its leadership – they're loathsome, misogynist and rotten to the core.'' Actor Mishi Khan also tweeted saying, ''This shows how low you can stoop. Use your position in an positive manner rather being so rude & crude. Shameful.''

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In 2017, Mahira Khan made her Bollywood debut with Rahul Dholakia's 'Raees', where she starred alongside SRK.