"It Is Freaking Brilliant": Rashmika Mandanna Praises PM Modi's 'Decade of Development'

Rashmika Mandanna commended the newly inaugurated Atal Setu, the largest sea link bridge in India, linking Mumbai and Navi Mumbai.

'It Is Freaking Brilliant': Rashmika Mandanna Praises PM Modi's 'Decade of Development'

She spoke highly about the bridge and said it is a game-changer for travel.

Indian film superstar Rashmika Mandanna recently praised the newly inaugurated Atal Setu Bridge, calling it a game-changer for transportation in Mumbai.

The 22-kilometre bridge, India's longest sea link, connects Mumbai to its neighbouring city, Navi Mumbai. Speaking to ANI, Mandanna highlighted how the bridge significantly reduces travel time, cutting a previously two-hour journey to just 20 minutes.

She further applauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the infrastructure project, stating, "Everything about it is simply brilliant."

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The Atal Setu bridge opened to the public in January this year and has been widely praised for easing traffic congestion in Mumbai.

"The journey of two hours can be done in 20 minutes. As in, you wouldn't even believe it! Who would have thought that something like this would have been possible? Aaj Navi Mumbai se Mumbai tak, Goa se Mumbai tak aur Bangalore se Mumbai tak (from Navi Mumbai to Mumbai and Goa to Mumbai and Bengaluru to Mumbai), when all the journeys have been made so easily and with such amazing infrastructure! It makes me proud," she told news agency ANI.

"Now at least India is not stopping anywhere. Nobody is saying it is not possible in India. Nobody is saying it is not possible in India. Look at our country; it is freaking brilliant, and in the last 10 years, our country has grown, and its infrastructure today, the planning in our country, road planning-everything is just brilliant. It is Haan time. I just got to know that it was all done in seven years. 20 kilometres is just amazing-look at it, I was speechless at first," she added.

"The young India is growing at such a fast pace, and India is currently the smartest country, and I take pride in it. And now we should vote responsibly for our development."

PM Modi also shared another video of Rasmika Madanna talking about Atal Setu with a caption that read, "Absolutely! There is nothing more satisfying than connecting people and improving lives."

Both videos have gone viral on the social media platform, gaining millions of views from users.