Here's What India Googled In 2023. See Full 'Year in Search 2023' list

Google Search 2023: Google's 'Year in search 2023' list has been divided in different categories based on the top keywords internet searched for throughout the year.

Here's What India Googled In 2023. See Full 'Year in Search 2023' list

Top Google Searches of 2023: Google has released the 'Year in search 2023' list.

Weeks before 2023 ends, Google has released the top searches for the year that show the topics, questions and interests that dominated internet searches in India. The 'Year in search 2023' list includes all the categories - news, entertainment, memes, travel, recipes and more. The most searched event of the year was the launch of Chandrayaan-3 that captivated the world's attention and made India the fourth country to land on the moon. The event was also significant because it was the first successful landing by a country on the South Pole of the moon.

Here are the top 10 events that generated interested among internet users in India:

  1. Chandrayaan-3
  2. Karnataka Election Results
  3. Israel News
  4. Satish Kaushik
  5. Budget 2023
  6. Turkey Earthquake
  7. Atiq Ahmed
  8. Matthew Perry
  9. Manipur News
  10. Odisha Train Accident

The list shows that the conflict between Israel and Hamas, which began after the surprise October 7 attack by Hamas operatives inside the Israeli territory, also caught the interest of the users.

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The deaths of actor and director Satish Kaushik and beloved 'Friends' star Matthew Perry are also part of the list.

Google divided the results of 'Year in search 2023' in different categories, which include questions people asked while searching for news or events on the internet. Queries about ChatGPT, Instagram and the Uniform Civil Code also made the list. Here's the full list:

  1. What is G20
  2. What is UCC
  3. What is ChatGPT
  4. What is Hamas
  5. What is on 28 September 2023
  6. What is Chandrayaan 3
  7. What is Threads in Instagram
  8. What is timed out in cricket
  9. What is impact player in IPL
  10. What is Sengol

The popular 'How To' list included queries about preventing damage from the harmful ultraviolet rays to home remedies for skin and hair. Here's the full list:

  1. How to prevent sun damage for skin and hair with home remedies
  2. How to reach my first 5k followers on YouTube
  3. How to get good at kabaddi
  4. How to improve car mileage
  5. How to become a chess grandmaster
  6. How to surprise my sister on Rakshabandhan
  7. How to identify a pure Kanjivaram silk saree
  8. How to check pan link with Aadhar
  9. How to create WhatsApp channel
  10. How to get blue tick on Instagram

Then there is the list of top searches in Sports, which is dominated by cricket, the most-followed sports in India:

  1. Indian Premier League
  2. Cricket World Cup
  3. Asia Cup
  4. Women's Premier League
  5. Asian Games
  6. Indian Super League
  7. Pakistan Super League
  8. The Ashes
  9. Women's Cricket World Cup
  10. SA20