This Article is From Dec 28, 2022

British Woman Reunited With Son She Presumed Dead 12 Years Ago

Scottish mother Joyce Curtis believed her son had died; however, on December 19, she received a call informing her that her son is alive and well.

British Woman Reunited With Son She Presumed Dead 12 Years Ago

Despite winding up in the hospital, his family said he looks healthy.

An Scottish mother who believed her son was dead after he vanished more than ten years ago has celebrated a "Christmas miracle" after learning he is still alive and healthy, according to The New York Post.

Joyce Curtis's son, Nicholas Curtis, from Glasgow, Lanarkshire, went hitchhiking around Spain and France in the mid-2000s after losing his job as a joiner and leaving his hometown of Glasgow behind, and hadn't been in touch with his family since 2010, reported the News Outlet.

Since he disappeared in 2010 and didn't contact his family for the last 12 years, he was presumed dead by her mother and other family members.

On December 19, his mother received a call from a French hospital informing her that her son was alive and well and had been discovered in a hospital in the south of France.

"I can't believe it," Mrs. Joyce Curtis said. "I thought with COVID and everything that has gone on, I thought he was dead. I grieved for him.

"When I got the call to say he was alive, I just went into shock. All I did was cry all day."

"This has just made Christmas for me, especially since my husband died back in June. It's like that movie, "Miracle on 34th Street." "It's like a miracle. I'd resigned myself to the fact that he had died. I really thought that, and I think everybody thought the same."

According to The Daily Star, Mrs. Joyce went to Paris and met her son in the hospital in 2010, but didn't see or hear from him after that.

"In 2010, I received a letter informing me that Nicholas was in a hospital in France. He'd been missing for a while by then."

She and her husband headed out to see him and were trying to bring him back to the UK, but in the process, he disappeared again.

Joyce said, "I was waiting on him to come home, but there was no sign." "When I was over there visiting him in France, I bought him some shoes and stuff like that so he could have clothes to travel home with."

"I was waiting at work. But he never returned."

According to the report, the British consulate has gotten in touch with her to let her know her son is in the hospital again and has confirmed to her that he's alive.

Now the officials are supporting him in the hospital and providing assistance to the family.