Why Ameesha Patel Was Trolled For "Defending" Gadar 2 Co-Star Simrat Kaur

Ameesha's tweets prompted the Internet of accusing her of using the pictures of Simrat Kaur as a "marketing strategy"

Why Ameesha Patel Was Trolled For 'Defending' Gadar 2 Co-Star Simrat Kaur

Image shared by Ameesha Patel (courtesy: ameeshapatel9)

Ameesha Patel's series of tweets in defence of her Gadar 2 co-star Simrat Kaur appear to have backfired. It all began with criticism of Simrat's casting based on intimate scenes from the actress' previous work. Ameesha, who reprises her role as Sakina opposite Sunny Deol as Tara Singh in Gadar 2, promptly rose to the occasion with replies to several of the tweets posting explicit pictures as evidence that Simrat doesn't deserve to be in the film. The photos were not from Gadar 2, Ameesha wrote in response to some tweets; please respect Gadar 2, she replied to others.

Ameesha Patel ended her tweet blitz with a post congratulating herself on her defence of Simrat Kaur. "Spent the entire evening today defending the negativity surrounding Simrat Kaur who is paired opposite Utkarsh Sharma in GADAR 2!! Being a girl I request all to only spread positivity and not shame a girl! Let's encourage new talent," Ameesha wrote.

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The Internet was less than impressed by her efforts in Simrat's cause. "Good marketing style," read one reply in the comments thread of Ameesha Patel's post. "Defending or promoting," read another. "Yaha marketing nahi chalega (marketing will not work here)," read a third response. Another read, "Good strategy but we won't fall for it."

The marketing ploy charge is backed up by evidence of a sort. Not only did Ameesha Patel publicise the pictures of Simrat by replying to the tweets sharing them, she also appears to have replied multiple times, with similar responses, to a now-deleted tweet.


Ameesha Patel's Twitter history also includes a controversial post in which she alleged non-payment of dues to the Gadar 2 crew by director-producer Anil Sharma – she was contradicted in the comments by someone claiming to have worked on the film.

Gadar 2 releases on August 11.