This Article is From Apr 25, 2017

Sonakshi Sinha Says She's Not Performing With Justin Bieber After All. 'Just Chill'

Sonakshi Sinha Says She's Not Performing With Justin Bieber After All. 'Just Chill'

Sonakshi Sinha photographed performing at the Bollywood Music Project. (Image courtesy: Sonakshi Sinha)


  • "I'm not performing. It was speculated," said Sonakshi Sinha
  • Several singers objected to a 'non-singer' being invited to perform
  • "I'm an actor who loves music, who loves to perform," said Sonakshi
New Delhi: Everyone can stop outraging over actress Sonakshi Sinha performing with popstar Justin Bieber because she says she's not, after all. "Just chill," the 29-year-old actress titled a note she posted on Twitter, in which she wrote: "Firstly, I am not performing at the Bieber concert. It was speculated because I was approached and carried forward by publications and portals even after I stated in various interviews that it's not happening. Secondly, I'm an actor who loves music, who loves to perform and loves to sing. And if anyone has a problem with that, in the wise words of baba Bieber himself, they can go 'love' themselves. Over and out." Read Sonakshi Sinha's tweet:

Reports that Sonakshi would be opening for Justin Bieber when he brings his Purpose tour to Mumbai next month incensed the music community and several objections were raised about a 'non-singer' being invited to perform with an international artiste. Kailash Kher told news agency IANS, "I read somewhere that Canadian singer Justin Bieber is coming to India, and Sonakshi will perform at the gig. The news was cute, but quite a lie. It doesn't give a good message internationally. "They (people from foreign shores) will think that Sonakshi must be a big singer in India. And then she will get concert offers from Canada, and then probably Sonakshi will laugh them off saying 'I am not a singer but an actor.'"

His sentiment resonated with several colleagues. Singer Armaan Malik's tweets agreeing with Mr Kher prompted Sonakshi into an argument with him, in which she appeared to mistake him for his brother, composer Amal Mallik.

"Agree with Kailash Kher sir. Actors are actors and singers are singers. Leave the stage and mic to us. That's our playground, not yours," Armaan tweeted, a prelude to this exchange:

Sonakshi replied to say she knew that Amal was the composer but recalled both brothers approaching her to sing.

Armaan, whose brother also tweeted to say he 'seconds' Kailash Kher, also tweeted:

Sonakshi Sinha, whose new film Noor is playing in theatres now, has probably had the last word. Justin Bieber will play Mumbai on May 10.