Pics From Preity Zinta's "First Trip After 104 Days" Of Social Distancing

"Our first trip - finally after 104 days - was the beach and we loved it as we had the beach to ourselves," wrote Preity Zinta

Pics From Preity Zinta's 'First Trip After 104 Days' Of Social Distancing

Preity Zinta shared this photo (courtesy realpz)


  • Preity shared pics from her trip to the beach
  • Her post also stars her pet dog Bruno
  • "Both of us were in heaven," she wrote
New Delhi:

Bruno returns on actress Preity Zinta's Instagram. Don't know who Bruno is? Bruno is Preity's pet dog, her work-out buddy, her partner in crime and her favourite one to chill with on the beach. The 45-year-old actress, who lives in Los Angeles with her husband Gene Goodenough, has been sharing glimpses of her life in the city of California, marking each post with the number of days since she started practicing social distancing. Looks like recently, Preity felt like a short "trip" of sorts - her first in over three months - and landed up on a beach. She shared photos from her day out in the beach on Instagram, the star of which was actually Bruno. "Our first trip - finally after 104 days - was the beach and we loved it as we had the beach to ourselves. Both of us were in heaven," Preity captioned her post, in which she can be seen posing with her furry friend in an almost empty beach.

Earlier, Preity Zinta had shared this video of what a quarantined life can do to you: "Hope when it's all over we are still sane," she wrote. That was day #82 of social distancing.

When practising social distancing, Preity Zinta spent her weekends napping on the couch with Bruno. Aww... this will melt your heart.

Some more napping.

Preity Zinta, who got married to Gene Goodenough in 2016, moved to Los Angeles around that time but keeps visiting India every now and then. Last month, the actress wrote about feeling homesick and missing being in India with a throwback. Preity Zinta was last seen in Bhaiaji Superhit, which released in 2018. She also featured in a small role in ABC series Fresh Off The Boat in one episode.