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Inside Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck's Reception. Bonus - Wedding Pics

"Ben and I laughed the night before about getting married again at our age," wrote JLo

Inside Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck's Reception. Bonus - Wedding Pics

JLo with Ben Affleck. (courtesy: glamqueenjlo)

New Delhi:

Jennifer Lopez married Ben Affleck last month and she shared details from the dreamy wedding on her newsletter, along with some stunning pictures from the wedding, the reception, the rehearsal dinner and the day after the wedding. She began the newsletter with these words: "This is heaven. Right Here. We're in it now," which happen to be Jennifer Lopez's favourite line from Live By Night, directed and written by Ben Affleck. Vividly describing the wedding weekend, Jennifer Lopez wrote: "It had rained at sunset every day that week. Everyone was worried about the heat, the aptly named 'love bugs,' the details, would the guests all arrive on time, etc. - not to mention the thunder and lightning that arrived almost on cue each day at the exact time the ceremony was supposed to start that Saturday. Oh, and all of us caught a stomach bug and were recuperating 'til late in the week, that, and along with a few other unexpected setbacks, had all the makings of a doozie of a wedding weekend."

For the wedding, Ben and JLo picked Marc Cohn's True Companion "as the perfect wedding love song in this very house more than twenty years ago." She added, "The truth is, I never had one doubt. All week I felt the calm and easy certainty that we were in God's hands."

What happened next, "At six forty-five, Saturday, August twentieth, the sun broke free and cast its rays like little diamonds dancing across the river behind the makeshift altar in our backyard. The sky was clear blue, and distant clouds of pure white held fast in the sky. As the sun set behind the live oaks draped in Spanish moss, a warm breeze swept over the lawn where our closest family and friends sat and, at long-last, I started my walk down the stairs that would become the aisle that would lead me toward the rest of my life. was actually happening..."

At the rehearsal dinner, "Ben and I laughed the night before about getting married again at our age," wrote the 53-year-old singer. She added, "We had both been married before and we aren't exactly kids any more but somehow now seemed like the only age that made sense."

About the reception, JLo wrote: "We find ourselves in that long-desired time of life: Having gratitude for all that life has shown us, even its trials and tribulations. That night really was heaven..."

The day after the wedding was summed up by JLo with these words: "The day after, we all gathered for a yummy brunch by the lake. The vibes were down-home, rustic country-chic."

Jennifer Lopez signed off with these words: "Years ago, we had no idea the road ahead would mean navigating so many labyrinths and hold so many surprises, blessings, and delights. It all culminated in this moment, one of the most perfect of our lives. We couldn't have been happier. I wish all of you the same kind of happiness...the hard-earned kind that's all the sweeter for the journey that came before it."

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The Gigi co-stars were engaged back in 2002. However, it ended in a split two years later. JLo and Ben Affleck were previously married (and divorced) to Marc Anthony and Jennifer Garner, respectively. They also broke up with their respective partners this year. JLo was previously dating Alex Rodriguez, while Ben Affleck was with actress Ana de Armas.