Dino Morea On John Abraham: "People Assumed There Was Rivalry When I Broke Up With Bipasha"

He said that shooting for Gunaah "was the toughest time" for both actors because they were breaking up

Dino Morea On John Abraham: 'People Assumed There Was Rivalry When I Broke Up With Bipasha'

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Actor and supermodel Dino Morea, in a recent interview with Siddharth Kannan, opened up about his personal and professional journey over the years. The actor also spoke about Bipasha Bashu, whom he dated for many years. They have featured in films such as Raaz,Gunaah, and Ishq Hai Tumse, among others. During the conversation, Dino Morea shared that he began shooting Raaz with Lisa Ray but after the first schedule, he heard that she had left the film. At the time, he was dating Bipasha Basu who was working in Ajnabee. When Bipasha visited Dino Morea on the sets of Raaz, he introduced her to the team and soon she was cast in the film.

Dino Morea also shared that he was introduced to Bipasha Basu by a common friend. They met on a blind date. “We both impacted each other really well. We supported each other in the modelling industry...We were on the verge of breakup…we were nearly, more or less, over by the time we were shooting for Raaz…” He added that shooting for Gunaah “was the toughest time” for both actors because they were breaking up. “It was really tough. It was damn tough. We just moved in separate directions…But now we are fantastic friends,” he said. Adding that they became friends a year after the breakup, Dino Morea said that they witnessed each other going through other breakups and milestones.

Dino Morea also spoke about his contemporary, fellow model-actor John Abraham. When asked about their supposed rivalry, Dino Morea shared that they had always been pitted against each other since their modelling days but clarified that there was absolutely no rivalry between them. “Never [any rivalry]. We used to model together, have fun together, and talk. People assumed there was rivalry when I broke up with Bipasha and he started dating Bipasha. People assumed that he started dating my girlfriend, so there was a rivalry. Media fuelled it and it was fun to read for people. But there has never been any rivalry. We have always been on our own paths. In fact, just yesterday, I was messaging him, ‘Are we going for a bike ride or are we having coffee?' I have no rivalry with him and I don't think he has any rivalry with me. I am very happy to see where he is today. At that time people always said ‘models cannot act' and we proved otherwise. The film became a hit and we were part of it. When people ask me about John, I keep saying, ‘He has done really well.' I take my hat off to the guy. He has conducted himself fantastic.”

 Dino Morea also admitted that when he found out that John Abraham got Dhoom, he wished he had got the role instead, adding that it was the only time he felt that way. However, he added, “It [the film] was cast really well. He did a fantastic job. But he did really well in the film.”  

Speaking about Bipasha Basu dating John Abraham after breaking up with him, Dino Morea said: “I am clarifying and clearing after many years. We broke up and it was after one year or 10 months of us going separate ways. I had started dating someone else. Bipasha was single. John and she started dating – so why any animosity? People thought he stole my girlfriend. That is not true at all. We used to talk – three of us. It was that simple but people made it something else.”                                                                                                               

He also shared that at one point, one of the producers of his debut film Pyaar Mein Kabhi Kabhi suggested that he adopt the screen name Siddhant – which was also his name in this film – as Dino Morea was an unfamiliar name. But Dino Morea shared that he was adamant that he didn't want to change his name as he was already a well-known figure in the modelling world.

On the work front, Dino Morea was last seen in the Malayalam film Bandra.