Dimple Kapadia "Publicly Stood By" Zeenat Aman In Trying Times: "Despite Scrutiny Of Her Own Life"

Zeenat Aman wrote, "Dimple and I both got big career breaks thanks to Raj Kapoor"

Dimple Kapadia 'Publicly Stood By' Zeenat Aman In Trying Times: 'Despite Scrutiny Of Her Own Life'

Image instagrammed by Zeenat Aman. (courtesy: ZeenatAman)

New Delhi:

Zeenat Aman dug out throwback gold and made our Tuesday a whole lot better. The film veteran shared a black and white BTS picture from the film Chhailla Babu featuring herself and Rajesh Khanna in the lead roles. The picture features Zeenat Aman, director Joy Mukherjee and Dimple Kapadia. In the picture, Zeenat Aman can be seen smoking. Zeenat Aman began her post with these words, "I can't recollect where this picture was taken, but it quite certainly had something to do with the film Chhailla Babu. Perhaps it's a bts shot from set. I say this because while the chairs scream "production", I'm in my own clothes not a costume. With me are the director of the film Joy Mukherjee and the effervescent Dimple Kapadia, who must have been visiting set as she was married to the lead actor."

Zeenat Aman then mentioned that Dimple Kapadia and she got their first breaks from the same person - Raj Kapoor. Zeenat Aman wrote, "Dimple and I both got big career breaks thanks to Raj Kapoor. She as a teenager, when she was cast in and as Bobby. Whereas I was able to deliver a blow to my "western image" thanks to SSS (Satyam Shivam Sundaram)."

Zeenat Aman then documented how Dimple Kapadia stood by her during tough times. She also hoped that Twinkle Khanna "will pass on" her love for her. She wrote, "This isn't a post about Dimple's talent though she has that in spades, it's about the little I saw of her character. During a very difficult phase in my life she was one of a mere handful of people who publicly stood by me. This despite the criticism and scrutiny of her own life that the decision invited! In those trying times she revealed to me a strength of character that I admire to date. I don't believe she is on Instagram, but perhaps @twinklerkhanna will pass on my love to her. Truly, a wave of appreciation washed over me when I found this picture some days ago."

Like a responsible citizen, Zeenat Aman signed off her post with a disclaimer. She wrote, "On another note, please don't be influenced by my smoking in this image! I'll admit I enjoyed a few cigarettes a day between my late teens and early 30s, but that all went out of the window the minute I became pregnant with my first born!"

Actor Rohit Bose Roy wrote in the comments section, "If this is a BTS, I must say those were truly good times as Joy Mukherjee has a red wine in his hands!" An Instagram user wrote, "Why she is so kind, blunt and nice... you appreciating someone else and then openly admitting your past habit (smoking)... this is the street of her character. Simply adorable." Take a look at her post here:

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