Shah Rukh Khan. Hugh Jackman, Outgoing Wolverine, Suggests Successor

Shah Rukh Khan. Hugh Jackman, Outgoing Wolverine, Suggests Successor

Hugh Jackman said that Shah Rukh Khan could play next Wolverine


  • Logan will be Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine-movie
  • Shah Rukh Khan could play Wolverine, says Hugh Jackman
  • Logan is hitting the theatres on March 3
New Delhi: Hollywood star Hugh Jackman's popular portrayal of the iconic fictional character - Wolverine - has set the standards high and fans of the mutant superhero might indeed find it difficult to accept someone else in his place. However, when the actor was asked in an interview with Rajeev Masand that if he would be comfortable seeing some other actor playing the role, Hugh Jackman suggested Shah Rukh Khan's name. Mr Jackman, who had been playing the role of Wolverine for 17 years now, confessed in the interview that he thinks Shah Rukh could play the part successfully. Notably, Loganis going to be Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine movie.

A snippet of Hugh Jackman's interview has been shared on YouTube, in which the 48-year-old actor said: "I think I'll be fine with it. I hope other people play it. May be Shah Rukh Khan could play it."

In the interview, Mr Jackman also added: "The comic book series is so good because you have so many people interpreting this role. I think there are six origin stories. I'll be really interested to see how I feel about it. I want it to be really great. But I don't want it to be that much better than me. Just a little bit is fine. But if everyone is like 'Oh thank god, now' I might find that little difficult."

Video: Watch Hugh Jackman talk about Shah Rukh:

Directed by James Mangold and co-starring Dafne Keen, Stephen Merchant, Patrick Stewart and Boyd Halbrook, Logan is Hugh Jackman's ninth and final Wolverine movie. Logan will hit the theatres on March 3. The actor first played the iconic character in 2000's X-Men.