Bobby Deol On The Dark Reality Of Bollywood: "Everybody Brainwashes You"

Bobby Deol has many projects lined up including Kanguva, Hari Hara Veera Mallu, NBK109, and Penthouse

Bobby Deol On The Dark Reality Of Bollywood: 'Everybody Brainwashes You'

Bobby Deol shared this image. (courtesy: BobbyDeol )

New Delhi:

Bobby Deol is always vocal while talking about his struggles in the film industry. Recently, the actor, who made a solid comeback with Animal, talked about the dark reality of Bollywood. In an interaction with Zoom, he said, "Sometimes you get lost, sometimes because of all the way the industry is reacting to you, you start choosing the more easy and secure path to move forward. You don't want to take challenges, you don't want to put yourself in a situation which is out of your comfort zone, because somewhere everybody brainwashes you. But that's what happens, that's something that is sad that happens to actors."

During the same chat, Bobby Deol also shared how he managed to get out of the difficult times. The actor shared, "And I luckily realised that and I wanted to get out of it. And a lot of actors try doing that, but they still haven't been able to manage it. But I have. And now things have changed. I think OTT platform gives every actor an opportunity to try doing different kinds of characters so that people can notice that they have the side to them which they enjoyed after they watched it because they never got the chance to show that side of an actor of themselves doing it."

Bobby Deol also spoke about how the films are created to generate profits. He added, “Choices are something which are so difficult to make, and you tend to believe in something, and then you're let down by the writers or by the director and or the producer. You know, they don't want to make a film just to. As a creative satisfaction. They want to just do it to make table profits and things like that. So all that used to happen those days, and I guess things are changing now, and I think it was just high time when people start believing and, you know, changes. Yet our industry needs to make different kinds of films which are from their heart and not just use the, as I said, the secure commercials way to just take, you know, make movies like this because they work, but they're not working anymore.”

Up next, Bobby Deol has many projects lined up including Kanguva, Hari Hara Veera Mallu, NBK109, and Penthouse.