This Article is From Aug 03, 2016

Beyonce is Queen of Life, Says Rita Ora


  • Rita filed a lawsuit against Jay Z's Roc Nation and parted ways in June
  • Fans accused Rita of dating Jay Z
  • Rita previously called Beyonce "family"
Los Angeles: Singer Rita Ora has opened up about her relationship with singer Beyonce Knowles and her husband Jay Z, calling the former a "queen of life".

Rita was signed to Jay Z's record label Roc Nation in 2008 but the pair's seven-year work relationship became strained after she released only a single album amid her five-album recording contract. In December 2015, Rita filed a lawsuit against Roc Nation and then parted ways in June.

In addition, fans accused Rita of dating Beyonce's rapper husband.

However, Rita has nothing but good things to say about the two, reports

"I'm still happy I've had this incredible experience. Jay is one of my idols and Beyoncé is obviously the queen of life," Rita told

"I'll never not appreciate the experience I had with them and the things I have seen," she said, adding that Jay Z and Beyonce were "great mentors" and she "look(s) up to them a lot".

Rita previously called Beyonce "family".

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