Youth operated upon after 11-cm stick pierced his eye

Youth operated upon after 11-cm stick pierced his eye
Coimbatore: Doctors in a multi-speciality hospital removed an 11-cm long stick of a shrub that had pierced through the eye of a 22-year old. The stick had entered the brain of the youth, resulting in loss of vision of the left eye.

The youth, Jeeva Karthik, working in a software firm, was found lying unconscious in a bush on the road side, following an accident his motorcycle had on previous night on, Dr M Natarajan, Neuro Surgeon, K G Hospital, Coimbatore, told reporters.

Natarajan said that Karthik remained unconcious for nearly nine hours with the stick touching his brain. Had anybody removed the stick from the eye, there could have been death due to heavy bleeding, as one end of the stick was touching the blood vessels going to the artery from the neck and to the eyes, he said.

An eye specialist, neuro surgeon, plastic surgeon and an ENT specialist worked for nearly seven hours to remove the stick, without damaging the brain, he said.

Stating that the hospital was taking utmost care to see to that the patient did not suffer any post-operative infection, Natarajan said that Karthik, who had a near total loss of vision, will have a possible partial recovery gradually.