This Article is From Jun 27, 2010

Monitor your two-year-old at school on a spycam

Monitor your two-year-old at school on a spycam
Mumbai: Playschools or pre-schools in Mumbai are going the wi-fi way. There will soon be CCTV cameras planted in playschools so parents can sit at home and watch their children.

A new playschool in Thane will allow nannies to carry a personal mobile phone so that parents can keep in touch with their children.

Child psychiatrist Dr Zirak Marker believes this will not help the child become independent. "If parents want to keep kids under surveillance all the time, they ought to home tutor them like it's done in the West.  Constantly monitoring them via cameras and mobile phones will rob them of their freedom."

However, parents believe having a CCTV is a good idea. "I'd like to see what my child is doing in school. After all, it's the first time he will be away from me, so I want to know that he's all right."