This Article is From May 08, 2013

Coal-Gate: 'What business do ministries have to peruse the report?' says Supreme Court

New Delhi: The Supreme Court today rapped the Centre for interfering in the CBI's investigations in the coal scam and observed that the country's top investigation agency has become a "caged parrot that has many masters."

Here are the top 10 observations of the Supreme Court:

  1. It's a sordid saga that there are many masters and one parrot

  2. While making CBI answerable to the Government, no part of investigation can be touched

  3. Right now we concerned with two ministries. They were only called to supply information. What business do they have to peruse report?

  4. How on earth could you (CBI) make it available when the report was to be given to the Court?

  5. Even if administrative superintendence is there, the investigation must be left alone

  6. As far as CBI goes, steps were to be taken that independence was given and that control was to be only of administrative

  7. Will the government attempt a legislation to free CBI from its clutches?

  8. Job of CBI is not to interact with government officials but to interrogate to find the truth

  9. CBI must know how to stand up against all pulls and pressures by government and its officials

  10. Probe report is not a progress report to be shared with government and its officials

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