Is Bangalore police protecting sex MMS accused?

Is Bangalore police protecting sex MMS accused?
Bangalore: The Bangalore police seem to have made no headway in catching Ashwath Gaonkar, the man accused of making the notorious 'Miss Karavali' MMS. Though the cops are saying that he is absconding, Dharwar residents claim he is still in town.

Gaonkar had on December 28, 2010 uploaded clips of the victim, Sowmya, and him having sex. It has now been learnt that he even sent her obscene photographs in 2009. When her parents approached the Karwar SP, Raman Gupta, he let him go with a warning, a source close to the family said.

But Ashwath went ahead, and did what everybody feared -- he uploaded the pictures on some prominent social networking sites. Just before he uploaded them, he threatened Sowmya and asked her to marry him, but she refused. Worried parents contacted the police again, but to no avail.

A family friend said, " If the police had been more alert the first time, this wouldn't have happened. Now the girl's life is ruined because of sheer negligence." Sowmya's parents now want to close the matter. "Please don't ask us anymore about the incident, we just want to forget the whole thing," they said.

Sources close to the family say Sowmya has shifted base to Bangalore to avoid the public eye and the embarrassment.