This Article is From Nov 20, 2013

Caught on CCTV: Woman attacked with machete at Bangalore ATM

This chilling CCTV image shows the machete-wielding attacker grabbing the woman banker by her throat inside the ATM in Bangalore

Bangalore: A 44-year-old woman was attacked with a machete in an ATM in the heart of Bangalore on Tuesday, leaving her severely injured.

The footage captured on the CCTV camera installed inside the ATM shows the woman, manager at Corporation Bank, entering the ATM at around 7:30 am where no security guard was present, to withdraw cash. A man follows her inside the ATM behind and brings down the shutters before threatening her first with a revolver and then a machete which he brought out of his bag.

The footage shows the assailant pushing her down and attacking her with the machete. As the woman tries to resist, the man grabs her by the neck and pushes her up against a wall.

The woman has told the police that she called for help twice but there was no security guard outside the ATM, which is located near a police station. She also said that the attacker took away her purse and mobile phone before he escaped.

"The man assaulted her on the head and face. She fell unconscious. The person left with her purse which contained some credit cards and mobile phones and pulled the shutter down while leaving. Surprisingly, the jewellery the lady was wearing was not taken away. She was wearing a chain, bangles and other items," said Kamal Pant, Joint Police Commissioner, Bangalore

The woman was admitted to hospital with head injuries and is said to be out of danger now.

The attack was captured on the CCTV installed inside the ATM. The police are examining the footage to identify the attacker.