Bengaluru Man Dies After Bike Falls Into Pit Dug For Water Pipeline

According to the police, it appears that the man driving the bikein the Kengeri area was unable to see the deep pit and drove the vehicle into it.

A man died and two others were seriously injured after the bike they were riding went off the road and fell into a pit being dug up for a water pipeline in Bengaluru on Sunday, police said. While one of the bikers died on the spot, the other two men are in a critical condition, they added. 

According to the police, the man riding the bike was unable to see the deep pit and drove into it.

Locals who rushed the injured youths to the hospital blamed the civic authorities for not barricading the pit or putting up signboards to divert riders.

A complaint filed by one of the survivors seeks action against the water board contractor.

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, however, said that barricades were in place and alleged that the three men were drunk so they missed the signs.

A top water board official has said that corrective measures will be implemented if the police investigation reveals any mistake on the part of civic authorities

"They came on one bike. They entered into the barricaded area with no helmets. Most importantly, it is reported that they were doing a wheelie and that is why they were not able to see the barricade. Whatever it may be, we will take corrective action if it is the contractor's fault," said Ram Manohar, Chairman, Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board.

A wheelie is a trick or manoeuvre whereby a motorcycle is ridden with the front wheel raised off the ground.