"Till Justice Is Done": Chandrababu Naidu Attacks Centre On Andhra Status

"Why are you not granting SCS? Is it not an ulterior motive?" the chief minister asked the central government.

'Till Justice Is Done': Chandrababu Naidu Attacks Centre On Andhra Status

Chandrababu Naidu maintaining that he had taken the 'right turn'. (File)


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu once again flayed the central government over denial of SCS to the state and 'failure' to implement provisions of the AP Reorganisation Act, 2014 and accused the Prime Minister of seeking to create a wedge between the two Telugu states.

He also alleged that the BJP was deliberately trying to weaken the Telugu Desam Party and operating with a hidden agenda (by joining hands with the opposition YSR Congress), but warned that 'people are wiser than you'.

Winding up a short discussion in the assembly on Monday on 'Non-implementation of Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act by Government of India', the Chief Minister said "Injustice has been done (to AP). We are fighting for justice. We will not leave till justice is done. We are not bothered whether you will foist cases or exert pressure on us. People are watching."

He wondered what the centre's objection was in according Special Category Status (SCS) when all political parties in the country vociferously supported it.

"Why are you not granting SCS? Is it not an ulterior motive?" the chief minister asked.

He targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP president Amit Shah, saying that on one hand they were making political moves and on the other, meting out 'injustice' to the state by doing nothing (vis--vis the Reorganisation Act).

"You have an understanding with the YSRC and took its support in the President and Vice-President elections. You deliberately wanted to weaken us. You (BJP) unilaterally broke the alliance with us (TDP) in Telangana for no reason," Mr Chandrababu said, referring to Amit Shah.

The Chief Minister said Modi never once called a meeting of the two Chief Ministers in the last four years to sort out contentious issues, if any, between the two states.

"Has he convened even one meeting with the two CMs to sort out bifurcation-related issues like division of Schedules IX and X institutions? On the contrary, he (PM) tried to create a rift between us (CMs).It is irresponsible behaviour," he alleged.

Rather, the centre had only tried to control the states, he added.

Referring to the provision in the Reorganisation Act on increasing the number of seats in the two Assemblies, Naidu lamented that the Centre did not have the heart to fulfil it.

"The Act provided for increasing the number of Assembly seats from 119 to 154 in Telangana and 175 to 225 in AP. That was intended to ensure stability, but the Centre did not have the heart to do it," he said.

Maintaining that he had taken the 'right turn' and not a 'U-turn' as alleged by the Prime Minister on the special category status issue, Chandrababu said they had fought for it in Parliament, the Assembly and in Delhi.

"We have taken it to the people as well. What else should we do in a democracy?" he asked.

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