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Photogalleries: 26/11, one year later

26/11 trial: The Kasab story
Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist in Mumbai attacks, has been charged with killing 166 people, and injuring 304 others at the instance of Lashkar-e-Toiba. (23 pictures)
Remembering 26/11: Taj Hotel -Then and Now
The Taj, which opened in 1903, is India's most famous hotel and also one of its most luxurious. After the 26/11 attacks the hotel's interiors were charred. (15 pictures)
26/11: Two years on, united against terror
On Wednesday night, November 26, 2008, Mumbai became the target of a ferocious terror attack. Two years later, India stands united against terror, more determined to get the perpetrators of the attacks punished. On the second anniversary of 26/11, people from all walks of life came together to remember and pay homage to those who were killed in the attacks, and to salute the courage and unity of all those who laid their lives to save innocent people. “We will never succumb to the designs of our enemies,” was the strong message from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. (9 pictures)
How India observed the 26/11 anniversary
The entire nation remembers November 26, 2008 as India's black day that claimed nearly 200 lives and injured 300 others. (33 pictures)
A Tribute to Mumbai's Bravehearts
As Mumbai came under attack, an awestruck nation watched its bravehearts step up and fight valiantly to save hundreds of innocent lives, sacrificing their own. (25 pictures)
26/11: How terror struck Mumbai
November 26, 2008 witnessed a highly detailed terror attack that left an entire nation in shock and nearly 200 people dead in a span of three days. (47 pictures)
26/11: In remembrance
November 26, 2008 would go down in history as a black day. Ten highly trained terrorists from Pakistan sailed their way into Mumbai and then began a brutal massacre. (14 pictures)
Mumbai, a year after 26/11
A siege that lasted nearly 3 days scarred Mumbai and Mumbaikars forever. We take a look back at how life has changed for Mumbai in the last one year after the 26/11 attacks. (20 pictures)
In pics: Moshe, 26/11 survivor, turns 3
Moshe Holtzberg, the son of Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivkah who were killed in the 26/11 attacks, turns three. Moshe was rescued by his Indian nanny Sandra Samuel and is being raised in Israel by his grandparents. (6 pictures)
Memorial service at Nariman House
People participate in a multi-faith candle light vigil to commemorate one year of the deadly terror attacks at Nariman House in Mumbai. (5 pictures)

Special Reports

Blog: Bombay Police after 26/11

There is a story the officers of Bombay police like to tell: of brotherhood, risk and the fight against evil.

Listen: How Pak remote-controlled 26/11

The casualness with which blood is spilled, hostages threatened will send a chill down your spine.

Survey: Has India changed after 26/11?

One year later, the shrill sloganeering has subsided, but the country still confronts unsettling questions.

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