This Article is From Oct 10, 2015

UN Security Council Urges Libyans to 'Unite' Behind Peace Accord

UN Security Council Urges Libyans to 'Unite' Behind Peace Accord

A Libyan man protests against the national unity government proposed by UN envoy Bernardino Leon on October 9, 2015. (AFP)

United Nations: The UN Security Council welcomed an agreement on Friday to establish a unity government in Libya, calling on stakeholders in the country to support the peace deal.

A unanimous statement passed by the 15 members of the council called on all Libyans "to unite wholeheartedly and in a spirit of reconciliation behind this settlement, which represents the aspirations and hopes of the Libyan people."

The council also reiterated that it was "prepared to sanction those who threaten Libya's peace, stability and security or that undermine the successful completion of its political transition."

It encouraged the UN mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to help coordinate international assistance to the government that would be set up under the proposed peace accord.

The accord, brokered by UN envoy Bernardino Leon, would set up a new unity government headed by Fayez el-Sarraj, a deputy in the Tripoli parliament, and include three deputy prime ministers, one each from the west, east and south of the country.

It would seek to end the political turmoil that has existed since August 2014, when a militia alliance that included Islamists overran Tripoli, forcing the internationally recognized government to take refuge in the east and creating a second national administration.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and US and European leaders also welcomed the proposed accord and urged Libyan leaders to sign off on the deal.