This Article is From May 16, 2012

Man in UK kept son's Pak bride as sex slave: Report

Man in UK kept son's Pak bride as sex slave: Report
London: A 56-year-old man has been jailed for keeping his son's 22-year-old Pakistani bride as a sex slave, a court heard.

The "depraved" man stripped the bride of her jewellery and passport after she came to Britain following an arranged marriage, the Daily Mail reported.

"He made her swear on the Quran that she would keep the abuse a secret and promised to heap shame on her by forcing her to divorce his son if she refused his demands for sex. But after more than three months of abuse, she summoned the little English she had picked up and called 999 (police) at dead of night to plead with the police for help," the Daily
Mail said.

The defendant, from Bradford, West Yorkshire, subjected the 22-year-old to "repeated and sustained" sexual abuse, scratching her arm with a screwdriver and burning her with an
iron to reinforce his authority over her, the court heard, the report added.

The father-in-law has now been jailed for seven years.