Israel-Hamas War Highlights: Israel's Night Strikes Across Gaza "Most Intense" So Far:

Israel-Hamas War Live Updates: Since the Hamas attack, Gaza has said that Israel's retaliatory bombardments have killed over 7,000 Palestinians.

Israel-Hamas War Highlights: Israel's Night Strikes Across Gaza 'Most Intense' So Far:

Israel-Hamas War Live Updates: Israel's retaliatory bombardments have killed over 7,000 Palestinians

Israel-Hamas War Live Updates:

Israel launched massive strikes across northern Gaza tonight, which reports said were the most intense since the start of the war. Hamas said internet has been snapped in the Gaza Strip. Reports said contact with Gaza is lost.

Since the October 7 Hamas attack, Gaza's health ministry has said that Israel's retaliatory bombardments have killed more than 7,000 Palestinians.

The United Nations has warned that "nowhere is safe" in Gaza as Israel stepped up its bombardments in preparation for a widely expected ground offensive.

Since the Hamas attack, Israel has cut off Gaza's normal supply corridors for water, food, and other necessities.

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Oct 28, 2023 05:17 (IST)
We Have Lost Touch With Our Staff, Health Workers In Gaza: WHO Chief
 World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has said that WHO has lost touch with its staff, health facilities, health workers, and the rest of its humanitarian partners on the ground in Gaza. He called for immediate protection of all civilians and full humanitarian access.

Taking to X, Ghebreyesus stated, "We have lost touch with our staff in Gaza, with health facilities, health workers and the rest of our humanitarian partners on the ground. This siege makes me gravely concerned for their safety and the immediate health risks to vulnerable patients. We urge immediate protection of all civilians and full humanitarian access."

Oct 28, 2023 04:36 (IST)
Israel-Hamas War: Israel Military Says It Cannot Guarantee Journalists Safety In Gaza
Israel's military has told international news organisations Reuters and Agence France Presse that it cannot guarantee the safety of their journalists operating in the Gaza Strip, under Israeli bombardment and siege for almost three weeks.
Oct 28, 2023 04:10 (IST)
At UN, India Calls For Release Of Hostages, Urges To Avoid Violence In Israel-Hamas War
"Deeply concerned" over the deteriorating security situation and the astounding loss of civilian lives in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, India at the UN urged both parties to "de-escalate, eschew violence."
Oct 28, 2023 02:49 (IST)
Hamas Welcomes UN General Assembly Call For Gaza Truce

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority welcomed a UN General Assembly resolution Friday calling for a humanitarian truce in Gaza, as Israel increased strikes on the territory over the October 7 attacks.

"We demand its immediate application to allow the entry of fuel and humanitarian aid for civilians," said a Hamas statement. The rival Palestinian Authority's foreign ministry said that as Israel's campaign "reaches a new peak of brutality", there was "a solid international position rejecting Israel's unhinged aggression".

Oct 28, 2023 01:59 (IST)
UN General Assembly Calls For 'Humanitarian Truce' In Gaza

The UN General Assembly on Friday called by a large majority for an "immediate humanitarian truce" in Gaza, as the Israel-Hamas conflict raged for a 21st day.

The nonbinding resolution, criticized by Israel and the United States for failing to mention Hamas, received 120 votes in favor, 14 against and 45 abstentions.

Oct 28, 2023 01:57 (IST)
US Backs 'Humanitarian Pause' For Gaza Aid: White House
The United States backs pauses in hostilities between Israel and Hamas to allow aid to get into Gaza, the White House said on Friday as Israel said it was extending ground operations.

"We would support humanitarian pauses for stuff getting in, as well as for people getting out, and that includes pushing for fuel to get in and for the restoration of electrical power," National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said.
Oct 28, 2023 01:55 (IST)
Israel Says Ground Forces Will Expand In Gaza Tonight Amid Surge In Strikes
 Amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, Israel Defence Forces (IDF) spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said the military has ramped up airstrikes in the Gaza Strip in the past few hours and will expand activity tonight, The Times of Israel reported.

He said, "The Air Force is striking underground targets very significantly," adding that ground forces will "expand" their activity tonight. For the past two days, IDF infantry forces and tanks have carried out limited raids into the Gaza Strip.
Oct 28, 2023 01:49 (IST)
Hamas Says "Resistance Is Ready" For Israel Invasion Of Gaza
Hamas said on Friday it was "ready" for an invasion of Gaza as Israel said it was "extending" its ground operation after air strikes cut communications across the shattered Palestinian territory.
Oct 28, 2023 00:19 (IST)
Israel Posts Explainer Video Of Gaza Hospital, Alleges It's Hamas HQ
Israel has alleged Hamas has been using Gaza Strip's biggest hospital as its headquarters to ensure Israeli strikes harm civilians, who are allegedly being used as human shield.
Oct 27, 2023 23:42 (IST)
ALERT: Hamas Calls On World To "Act Immediately" To Stop Israeli Strikes
Militant group Hamas called on the world to "act immediately" Friday to stop Israel's bombardment of Gaza, as intense strikes pounded the Palestinian territory.

"We call on the Arab and Muslim countries and the international community to take responsibility and act immediately to stop the crimes and series of massacres against our people," Hamas said in a statement.

Oct 27, 2023 23:12 (IST)
The Israeli military said Friday it had increased its strikes on Gaza "in a very significant way", as AFP live footage captured intense bombardment of the territory's north.

"We will continue to strike in Gaza City and around," military spokesman Daniel Hagari said in a televised address.
Oct 27, 2023 23:10 (IST)
ALERT: Israel Army Says "Extending Ground Operations In Gaza Tonight"
Oct 27, 2023 23:03 (IST)
Cops Warn Israelis Of Hacker Threat, Asks Them Not To Answer Unknown Calls
The Israeli Police and the National Cyber Directorate have advised people not to answer unknown WhatsApp calls coming from abroad, in a bid to warn citizens that such calls can be part of an attempt to hack phones, The Times of Israel reported.

Such calls, including video calls, are reportedly flooding Israelis' phones, according to authorities.

The Times of Israel, too, has received at least one such call from a Toledo, Ohio, area code.

"We recommend not answering them and not calling them back," police say.

Oct 27, 2023 22:58 (IST)
UN Chief Says Gaza Faces "Avalanche Of Human Suffering"
The United Nations chief warned Friday that Gaza faces "an unprecedented avalanche of human suffering" due to lack of food, water and power during Israeli bombing in response to the Hamas attack.
"I repeat my call for a humanitarian ceasefire, the unconditional release of all hostages, and the delivery of life-saving supplies," UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a statement.

"Misery is growing by the minute. Without a fundamental change, the people of Gaza will face an unprecedented avalanche of human suffering."
Oct 27, 2023 22:41 (IST)
US Imposes Fresh Sanctions Targeting Hamas Financing
The United States unveiled a new round of sanctions Friday targeting Hamas's funding networks and support sources based in Iran, after the group's attack on Israel this month.

The latest US actions take aim at Hamas's sources of support in Iran, with the Treasury Department designating a Hamas official based in the country and members of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps among others.
Oct 27, 2023 22:39 (IST)
Alert: Hamas Says Fired "Salvos" Of Rockets At Israel
Hamas said late Friday it had fired "salvos" of rockets at Israel after intense Israeli bombing of the Palestinian territory.

"Salvos of rockets in the direction of the occupied territories (Israel) in answer to the massacre of civilians," Hamas's armed wing, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, said on its Telegram channel.
Oct 27, 2023 22:36 (IST)
Israel's "Most Intense" Strikes On Gaza, Hamas Says Fired Rockets: 10 Facts
Israel launched massive strikes across northern Gaza tonight, which reports said were the most intense since the start of the war on October 7. Hamas said internet has been snapped in the Gaza Strip. Reports said contact with Gaza is lost.
Oct 27, 2023 22:33 (IST)
Gaza Death Count Rises To 7,326, Says Hamas-Run Health Ministry
The health ministry in Hamas-ruled Gaza said Friday 7,326 people have been killed in the Palestinian territory since the eruption of war with Israel on October 7.

The latest death count includes 3,038 children killed, a ministry statement said, while 18,967 people have been wounded across Gaza.
Oct 27, 2023 22:26 (IST)
Nearly 29,000 Lebanese Flee Homes Near Israel Border: UN
Nearly 29,000 Lebanese civilians have fled communities near the border with Israel because of deadly artillery exchanges between Iran-backed Hezbollah fighters and the Israeli army, a UN agency said Friday.

Some have found refuge with family members farther from the border, while those who can afford it have been able to rent apartments on a short-term basis.
Oct 27, 2023 22:19 (IST)
Intense Israeli strikes rocked the northern Gaza Strip on Friday evening, live footage filmed by AFP showed.

The Israeli military told AFP it is "continuously striking in the Gaza Strip" against the terrorist group Hamas that rules the Palestinian territory. Read more

Israel's Night Strikes Across North Gaza 'Most Intense' So Far: Reports

Oct 27, 2023 22:16 (IST)
ALERT: Hamas Says Internet, Communications Cut Across Gaza

Oct 27, 2023 20:34 (IST)
Hamas "Wages War From Hospitals" In Gaza, Says Israel Army
The Israeli army Friday accused Hamas of using hospitals in the Gaza Strip as operational centres for directing attacks against Israel, as the war rages in the Palestinian territory.

"Hamas wages war from hospitals" in Gaza, military spokesman Daniel Hagari told journalists, adding that the Islamist group was also using fuel stored in these facilities for carrying out its operations.

Hamas 'Wages War From Hospitals' In Gaza, Says Israel Army
Oct 27, 2023 19:10 (IST)
Red Cross says its first medics enter Gaza during war
Medics from the International Committee of the Red Cross entered Gaza Friday for the first time since the outbreak of war on October 7, a spokeswoman for the organisation said.

Six medical staff passed through Gaza's Rafah border crossing with Egypt, alongside four other ICRC specialists and six aid trucks.

The organisation's regional director, Fabrizio Carboni, said the convoy was "a small dose of relief, but it's not enough".

"Our surgical team and medical supplies will help relieve the extreme pressure on Gaza's doctors and nurses. But safe, sustained humanitarian access is urgently needed," he said in a statement.
Oct 27, 2023 19:04 (IST)
Hamas Official Says All Its Hostages Seen As Israelis: Report
Hamas officials visiting Moscow were quoted by Russian media on Friday as saying the terrorist group viewed all its hostages as Israelis, whatever additional passports they held, and could not release any of them until Israel agreed to a ceasefire. Read here 
Oct 27, 2023 18:47 (IST)
UN Says Gaza Health ministry Count In Earlier Conflicts "Credible"
The UN agency for Palestinian refugees said Friday the death count given by the health ministry in Hamas-run Gaza had proved to be "credible" in previous conflicts after Washington raised doubts about figures from the current war. 

"In the past, the five, six cycles of conflict in the Gaza Strip, these figures were considered as credible and no one ever really challenged these figures," UNRWA chief Philippe Lazzarini told reporters in Jerusalem.

Israel has struck back with a relentless bombing campaign which Gaza's health ministry says has killed 7,326 people, mostly civilians, among them 3,038 children.
Israel Works On Gaza Ground Invasion Plan Despite International Pressure: 10 Facts
Oct 27, 2023 18:38 (IST)
France Wants To Evacuate Citizens From Gaza As Soon As Possible, Says Macron
France wants to evacuate its nationals as soon as possible from the Gaza Strip, which is under heavy bombardment by Israel, French President Emmanuel Macron.

"We want to evacuate them as soon as possible. That is what we are organising with both the Palestinian authorities and Egypt. And this is what several other European countries want to do in coordination with us," Macron said during a press conference after a two-day summit of European leaders in Brussels.
Oct 27, 2023 18:36 (IST)
Macron Calls For "Humanitarian Truce" In Hamas-Israel War
French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday called for a "humanitarian truce" in the conflict between Hamas and Israel to ensure the protection of civilians in the Gaza Strip.

Recognising Israel's "right" to "fight against terrorism", Emmanuel Macron pointed to "the complete blockade, the indiscriminate bombardment and even more the prospect of a massive ground operation" as risks for civilians. 

Oct 27, 2023 18:14 (IST)
Despite Biden's Doubts UN, Other Groups Consider Gaza Death Count Reliable
US President Joe Biden has cast doubt on casualty figures provided by Palestinian officials in Gaza, but international humanitarian agencies consider them broadly accurate and historically reliable.
Oct 27, 2023 17:49 (IST)
Medical Team, Aid Trucks Enter Gaza: Palestinian Official
A medical team and 10 aid trucks entered the Gaza Strip on Friday via the Rafah crossing with Egypt, carrying water, food and medicine, a Palestinian border official told Reuters.

"This Friday morning, a medical delegation consisting of 10 foreign doctors entered, in addition to 10 trucks entering the Gaza Strip through the Rafah land crossing, carrying water, food and medicine, bringing the total number of trucks since the beginning of the war to only 84 trucks," the official said.

Oct 27, 2023 17:47 (IST)
UN Food Chief Says Strict Rafah Crossing Checks Limiting Gaza Aid
Overly stringent checks on trucks at the Rafah crossing from Egypt into Gaza were slowing the flow of humanitarian aid to a "dribble" as hunger grows among Palestinians there, UN World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Director Cindy McCain said.

The United States is leading negotiations with Israel, Egypt and the UN to try to create a sustained delivery mechanism for aid to Gaza. 

They are wrangling over procedures for inspecting aid and bombardments on the Gaza side of the border.
Fresh 17-Truck Aid Enters Gaza As Israel Intensifies Strikes
Oct 27, 2023 17:15 (IST)
Release Of Hostages Requires Ceasefire, Hamas Official Says
A Hamas official tied the release of hostages held in Gaza to a ceasefire in Israel's punishing air war in the enclave, launched after a deadly rampage by Hamas militants into southern Israel nearly three weeks ago.

Israel says it is preparing a ground invasion, but has been urged by the US and Arab countries to delay an operation that would multiply the number of civilian casualties in the densely populated coastal strip and might ignite a wider conflict. Read here
Oct 27, 2023 16:46 (IST)
UN Concerned "War Crimes Are Being Committed" In Israel-Hamas Conflict
The United Nations said Friday it was concerned that war crimes were being committed on both sides in the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The UN human rights office cited forcible transfer, collective punishment and the taking of hostages as the war continued into its 21st day.

Oct 27, 2023 15:00 (IST)
8 More Aid Trucks Likely To Cross Into Gaza Today: UN
Another eight trucks carrying food, medicine and water are expected to cross into the Gaza Strip today, a senior United Nations official said.

"We have gotten in approximately 74 trucks. We're expecting another eight or so today," Lynn Hastings, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for the Occupied Palestinian Territory, told reporters in Geneva.
Oct 27, 2023 13:55 (IST)
57 Staff "Confirmed Killed" In Gaza War: UN Agency
A United Nations agency today said that 57 staff "confirmed killed" in Gaza war. 

Philippe Lazzarini, commissioner general for UN agency for Palestinian refugees, said that "meaningful and uninterrupted" aid was needed for the Gaza Strip as he confirmed 57 of the agency's staff had been killed during the war.
Oct 27, 2023 12:29 (IST)
Israel Taps Blacklisted Pegasus Maker To Track Hostages in Gaza
Israel's security services are pulling in spyware companies, including the maker of the controversial Pegasus software, to help track hostages in the Gaza Strip, people familiar with the matter said.
Oct 27, 2023 11:43 (IST)
Secret Underground City Beneath Gaza, With Bunkers, Storage, Booby Traps
What lies in wait for Israeli ground troops in Gaza, security sources say, is a Hamas tunnel network hundreds of kilometres long and up to 80 metres deep, described by one freed hostage as "a spider's web".
Oct 27, 2023 11:25 (IST)
Israel Ground Troops, Jets Strike Hamas Operatives
The Israeli ground troops and fighter jets carried out a night-time targeted raid in central Gaza Strip.

"During the last day, IDF (Israel Defense Forces) ground forces, accompanied by IDF fighter jets and UAVs, conducted an additional targeted raid in the central Gaza Strip," the army said in a statement.

"As part of the activity, IDF aircraft and artillery struck terror targets belonging to the Hamas terrorist organisation in the Shujaiya area and throughout the Gaza Strip," the statement added.
Oct 27, 2023 10:50 (IST)
Almost Half Of Israelis Want To Hold Off On Any Invasion Of Gaza: Poll
Almost half of Israelis want to hold off on any invasion of Gaza, according to a poll published on Friday. 

Asked if the military should immediately escalate to a large-scale ground offensive, 29% of Israelis agreed while 49% said "it would be better to wait" and 22% were undecided, the poll published in the Maariv newspaper said.
Oct 27, 2023 10:34 (IST)
"Misunderstood": White House On Biden Linking Corridor To Hamas Attack
The White House on Thursday played down media reports speculating the Hamas' October 7 terror strike on Israel was linked to plans announced last month for an India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor.
Oct 27, 2023 10:32 (IST)
US Won't Be Spared If Israel-Hamas War Spreads, Warns Iran
Iran's foreign minister has warned that the US won't escape unaffected if the Hamas-Israel war turns into a broader conflict.

In a speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian accused the US of overseeing "genocide" against the Palestinian people. 

"Today in New York and the United Nations I say frankly to the American statesmen who are now managing the genocide in Palestine that we do not welcome an expansion of the war in the region," he said. 

"But I warn if the genocide in Gaza continues they will not be spared from these fires." he added.
Oct 27, 2023 10:11 (IST)
"My Mission": Al Jazeera Journalist's Vow After Family Dies In Israel Strike
Jazeera journalist Wael Al Dahdouh - who 24 hours ago mourned the death of his wife, son, daughter and nine other family members in an Israeli strike - has vowed to continue reporting on Tel Aviv's war on Gaza.
Oct 27, 2023 09:49 (IST)
Israel-Hamas War Live: Humanitarian Aid Continues To Arrive In Gaza
The Rafah crossing with Egypt opened for the sixth consecutive day on Thursday, allowing the entry of 12 trucks carrying water, food and medical supplies. As many as 74 trucks with humanitarian aid have entered Gaza since October 21. 

The entry of fuel, however, remains banned by the Israeli authorities. 
Oct 27, 2023 09:47 (IST)
Israel-Hamas War: "Nowhere Is Safe In Gaza", Says UN
As Israel continued its bombardment, the UN humanitarian coordinator for the Palestinian territories, Lynne Hastings, said that "nowhere is safe in Gaza". In a statement, she said that despite the Israeli military issuing warnings to people in Gaza City to leave, "advance warnings make no difference".

"When the evacuation routes are bombed, when people north as well as south are caught up in hostilities, when the essentials for survival are lacking, and when there are no assurances for return, people are left with nothing but impossible choices. Nowhere is safe in Gaza," she said.

An estimated 1.4 million people in Gaza are internally displaced, with some 6,41,000 sheltering in 150 UN-designated emergency shelters.
Oct 27, 2023 09:44 (IST)
"This Is Not A War With Palestinians But Hamas": Israel Envoy At UN
Israel's permanent ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, said his country was not waging a war "with Palestinians" but with Hamas, adding that the terrorist organisation does not care about Palestinian people, peace or dialogue.
Oct 27, 2023 09:23 (IST)
Israel-Hamas War: Arab Countries Condemn Acts Of Violence
Amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas war, Arab countries on Thursday condemned and rejected all acts of violence and terrorism against civilians and the targeting of civilian infrastructure and facilities.

A joint statement issued by the foreign ministers of Jordan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman, the State of Qatar, the State of Kuwait, the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the Kingdom of Morocco condemned individual or collective forced displacement, as well as the policy of collective punishment.

It emphasized that the absence of a political solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict has led to repeated acts of violence and suffering for the Palestinian and Israeli people.
Oct 27, 2023 07:47 (IST)
Explained: What War Crimes Laws Apply To The Israel-Gaza War
War between Israel and Palestinian forces since Hamas group' October 7 assault have created a huge and rising death count - and accusations of war crimes - on both sides.
Oct 27, 2023 07:40 (IST)
Israel-Palestine Crisis: EU Calls For "Corridors And Pauses" For Gaza Aid
The European Union leaders on Thursday called for "humanitarian corridors and pauses" in Israel's war with Hamas to get aid into Gaza.

After five hours of talks at a summit of the bloc in Brussels, the leaders called for "continued, rapid, safe and unhindered humanitarian access and aid to reach those in need through all necessary measures including humanitarian corridors and pauses for humanitarian needs".

They said the EU "will work closely with partners in the region to protect civilians, provide assistance and facilitate access to food, water, medical care, fuel and shelter".
Oct 27, 2023 07:38 (IST)
900 Troops Being Deployed In Middle East: US Amid Israel-Hamas War
About 900 more American troops have arrived in the Middle East or are heading there to bolster air defenses for US personnel, the Pentagon said on Thursday.

As tensions soar over the Israel-Hamas war, US and coalition troops have been attacked at least 12 times in Iraq and four times in Syria in the last week, Pentagon spokesperson Brigadier General Patrick Ryder told reporters.

Oct 27, 2023 07:03 (IST)
Israel-Gaza Crisis: Rocket Injures Five In Egyptian Border Town
At least five people were injured and a residential building was damaged after a rocket fired in the Israel-Hamas war hit an Egyptian town on the border with Israel on Thursday, the news agency AFP reported citing local media.
Oct 27, 2023 07:00 (IST)
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday visited the Tekuma Authority, which is carrying out the national mission of rebuilding and developing the communities in the area adjacent to the Gaza Strip, which were attacked by Hamas on October 7.
He was briefed by Tekuma Director Moshe Edri on the activity and functions of the Authority.
Oct 27, 2023 06:57 (IST)
India-Middle East Economic Corridor Possible Reason For Hamas Attack: Biden
US President Joe Biden has hinted that one of the reasons behind Hamas' October 7 attack on Israel was the recent announcement of the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor that integrates the entire region with a network of rail, road and ports.
Oct 27, 2023 06:53 (IST)
Israel-Hamas War Live News: Hamas Commander Hassan Al-Abdullah Killed In Israeli Air Strike
The Israel Defense Forces on Thursday killed Hamas Commander Hassan Al-Abdullah in an air strike. The Israeli fighter jets carried out the air strike based on IDF and ISA intelligence and killed Al-Abdullah, the Commander of Hamas' Northern Khan Yunis Rockets Array.
Oct 27, 2023 06:49 (IST)
Israel-Hamas Conflict Live: Israel Kills Deputy Head of Hamas' Intelligence Directorate
Israel on Thursday said it has killed Shadi Barud, the Deputy Head of Hamas' Intelligence Directorate in an aerial strike. 

"He took part in the planning of the October 7 massacre and countless other deadly attacks carried out against Israelis," the IDF said on X.

"We will continue to strike and eliminate Hamas leaders and operatives responsible for the barbaric attacks," it added.
Oct 27, 2023 06:47 (IST)
Israel-Hamas War Live Updates: Israel Kills 3 Senior Hamas Members As War Enters Day 21
Israel today said it has killed three senior Hamas operatives -- Ibrahim Jadba, Rifaat Abbas and Tarek Maarouf -- in the Daraj Tuffah Battalion. 
"The battalion's operatives played a significant role in the invasion and murderous attack against Israel on October 7, and is considered to be the most significant brigade of the Hamas terrorist organization," the Israel Defense Forces said on X (formerly Twitter).