Born On The Fourth Of July: 5 Things Only A True Captain America Fan Would Know

Captain America has gone through a lot of changes, more than any other comic book character. Here are a few interesting facts about Captain America

Born On The Fourth Of July: 5 Things Only A True Captain America Fan Would Know

Actor Chris Evans as Captain America. (Image courtesy: Captain America)



  1. Captain America was born in 1920, which makes him 97 years old today
  2. Captain America's shield is not indestructible and it was broken by Thor
  3. Sebastian Stan almost got the part of Captain America before Chris Evans
Today, July 4, is the birthday of Captain America, easily among the most iconic comic book superheores of all time. Steven Grant Rogers (Captain America) was born to Joseph and Sarah Rogers on July 4, 1920. That makes him 97 years old. This character was first created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in 1941 - he was a patriotic hero who fought the Axis powers during World War II. Over the years, Captain America has gone through a lot of changes, more than any other comic book character. Most recently, the endearing superhero was portrayed by actor Chris Evans in the movie Captain America and the Avengers series, all of which films were blockbusters. For the fans of the superhero and for those who have not tracked his journey so far, we have put down some interesting facts and trivia about the popular superhero.

1. The very first appearance of the Captain's Shield almost led to a lawsuit because it resembled the color and costume of the superhero known as Shield aka Joe Higgins, who debuted nearly a year before Cap. To avoid dispute in the next issue of the comic book, it was changed to a round one and this shape stayed forever as we all like and know it.

2. Even though the Shield is made of extraordinary materials and is extremely durable, it was broken few times (in the comics). It has happened that throughout the story of Captain America, the Shield has been destroyed by Thor, Beyonder's destructive powers, and the Infinity Gauntlet.

3. In a recent comic book, after some failed mission, Captain's body was aging in proportion to his age (he is famously an old guy who didn't age on account of being buried in ice for decades), so Steve passed his title to Sam Wilson and gave him the Shield. But when Steve Rogers is back in action, he allows Sam to retain his title and his old Shield and he himself makes a new one that divides into two smaller ones and both can generate power blades.

4. He was going to be named Super American: Believe it or not, Captain America was almost going named something else. Back during the World War II, the creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby wanted a character with a strong political standpoint, one that stands out since patriotic super heroes were HUGE at the time. They chose to name the character Super American, because the name screams patriotism. After realizing the name wasn't going to work, the creators decided to go with the iconic name that Steve Rogers is known as today - Captain America.

5. Actor Sebastian Stan almost got the part of Captain America: It's pretty hard to imagine anyone BUT Chris Evans playing the role of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, but before he was cast, a whole crop of actors were considered to play the First Avenger. One of these actors was Sebastian Stan. Sebastian was considered for the role of Captain America but ended up landing the role of Bucky Barnes. Not bad... not bad at all! Other actors that were considered were Channing Tatum and Jensen Ackles.

Happy birthday, Captain America.

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