This Article is From Jun 14, 2021

"Together Forever": 'Socialism' Marries 'Mamata Banerjee' In Tamil Nadu

A namesake of the West Bengal Chief Minister married a man named Socialism in Tamil Nadu's Salem

Tamil Nadu CPI Chief R Mutharasan and party MP K Subbarayan attended the wedding.


West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and the Left parties may be arch political rivals, but a namesake of hers at Salem in Tamil Nadu married a man named Socialism on Sunday.

The bride, P Mamata Banerjee, holds a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, and comes from a family of Congress supporters. Her parents named her after the firebrand Trinamool Congress leader when she was with the Congress.

P Mamata Banerjee told NDTV, "I was in Class X when I understood the significance of my name after my friends started talking about it."

Asked about her opinion on the Bengal Chief Minister, the bride replied, "I have seen her on the news many times. She is a strong woman. I am very proud to say that."

The 29-year-old groom, who is a relative of the bride, holds a BCom degree and runs a business of silver anklets. His father A Mohan is the district secretary of the CPI unit in Salem and had named his son Socialism when the Soviet Union was collapsing. His two other sons are named Communism and Leninism. Mr Mohan has said he had decided to name his children this way even before he married.

At the simple ceremony, the groom said the political rivalry attached to their names won't affect them at all. "We are happy about coming together. We will be inseparable together in happy times as well as tough times. No matter what happens, we will be together our whole lives," said Socialism.

Left leaders, including Tamil Nadu CPI Chief R Mutharasan and party MP from Tiruppur K Subbarayan, attended the wedding.