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In Sasikala vs Panneerselvam, Rival DMK's Stalin Meets Governor: 10 Facts

DMK's MK Stalin met Tamil Nadu Governor amid a political tussle between VK Sasikala, O Panneerselvam.


  • DMK expresses concern over political impasse in Tamil Nadu
  • Drama within AIADMK stretched on Friday, both sides taking shots
  • Party second-in-command backs Panneerselvam, is 'sacked' by Sasikala camp
Chennai: With the AIADMK split into two warring camps, MK Stalin of Tamil Nadu's main opposition party DMK met Governor C Vidyasagar Rao amid intense speculation that his party too could stake claim to form government in the state or back O Panneerselvam. Neither, said Mr Stalin, stating that he had met the governor to express concern that administration in the state has ground to halt amid the AIADMK power tussle. He said a stable government must be brought soon. There was no word from the Governor, who met AIADMK chief CR Sasikala and the man she hopes to replace, O Panneerselvam yesterday.

Here are the top 10 developments in this story:

  1. "No work has been done since J Jayalalithaa was hospitalised, for last nine months there has been no work in the administration," said Mr Stalin, adding, "the present government is not even capable to conduct local body elections. We have asked the Governor to take immediate action."

  2. Team Sasikala on Friday "sacked" the ruling party's number two E Madhusudhanan, who joined the rival camp yesterday. Mr Madhusudhanan promptly "expelled" Ms Sasikala from the party.

  3. Team Panneerselvam appealed to party workers this evening to ensure that the AIADMK did not fall into "the hands of Sasikala and her family," and choose a leader "that Tamil Nadu wants."

  4. Despite the rhetoric, Mr Panneerselvam did not appear to add new numbers to his camp yesterday. As of now, he has the support of only five of the party's 134 legislators. The rest of the team is made up of a Rajya Sabha MP, Mr Madhusudhanan, three former ministers and a former union minister.

  5. Ms Sasikala who has staked claim to form government with the support of 129 party legislators, has reportedly been assured by the Governor that she will get the first shot at forming government, but he needs time to address the objections raised by Mr Panneerselvam. Ms Sasikala has claimed she has the support of 129 party legislators.

  6. Mr Panneerselvam has alleged that Ms Sasikala is holding party legislators in captivity and that they were made to sign blank sheets of paper which are now being used by Ms Sasikala to stake claim to form government. He has alleged that some signatures were forged.

  7. Governor Rao reportedly wants the signatures that Ms Sasikala has submitted as proof of support in her party to be authenticated. He also met the state's police chief and top bureaucrats on Friday.

  8. "We are doing everything legally. We are the real cadre, Amma lovers. We will be with Chinamma all the time," AIADMK spokesperson CK Saraswathi said today. Ms Sasikala, who was J Jayalalithaa's closest companion, is called Chinamma or mother's younger sister.

  9. Ms Saraswathi accused Mr Panneerselvam of attempting to "split the AIADMK, take away our symbol" and of colluding with arch rival DMK in an attempt to grab power.

  10. Ms Sasikala has the bigger support in the party, but public opinion has distinctly been tilted in favour of Mr Panneerselvam, who was twice chosen by Ms Jayalalithaa to be chief minister when she had to resign over corruption cases. Ms Sasikala has never contested an election in the party or outside.

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