Kerala: 9-year-old drives Ferrari, creating furore

Kochi: The video of a nine-year-old boy driving a Ferrari near his house in Kerala has gone viral on YouTube and has created much furore, but the boy's parents seem to be unperturbed by the criticism. 

The video was filmed by the boy's mother and posted online by his father. While many netizens have criticised the parents for what they call "irresponsible parenting," the boy's mother insists that she is proud of her "talented" son's "achievement" at this young age.

"It was his ninth birthday, and since he was insisting for months, we allowed him to drive the Ferrari. He is a cautious and confident driver. I am proud of him," Amal Nisham, the mother of the boy, told NDTV.

Further defending herself, she said her son drove the Ferrari on a "private road" in their residential colony and added that she ensured that no child was around at the time. But contrary to her claims, the video shows some children following the car. A young boy can also be seen sitting next to the nine-year-old.

"It's only because my son is driving a Ferrari that it is being made an issue", the child's mother further said and added, "He has got talent in him. He likes driving cars and drives them well. I think we were just boosting him. We were trying to build the talent he has got."

The boy's parents say he has driven several other cars owned by them including a Lamborghini and Bentley. "I am proud of him. He drives well. It is not easy for a child to achieve such a feat at this young age," the mother said.

Earlier this month in Aurangabad, a teenaged son of a politician killed a two-year old while speeding in his SUV.
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