This Article is From Jan 15, 2014

German teen raped on train to Chennai, one arrested

Chennai: A man from Bihar has been arrested in Chennai for allegedly raping an 18-year-old German tourist on a train last week.

The teen is still in Tamil Nadu.

She filed a police complaint on Monday, three days after she was raped. Medical tests have been conducted on her; reports are awaited.

According to the police, the teen was attacked on a train headed from Mangalore to Chennai while she was asleep.  She reportedly said later that she was too scared to shout for help and alert the other passengers sleeping in the same compartment.

The young woman had come to Chennai to volunteer with a non-profit organization.

Ms Seema Agarwal, Inspector General of Police, told NDTV "We have arrested the man in Chennai and have registered a case of rape. The young lady took several days to muster courage to report to the police. Though it's too late for medical examination, we have handled the case in a very sensitive manner".