Make Cooking Healthier And Easier With Amazon's Top Deals On Air Fryers

Find the top deals on air fryers on Amazon, up to 72% off. Dive into a culinary adventure that fits your health goals without sacrificing taste or convenience.

Make Cooking Healthier And Easier With Amazon's Top Deals On Air Fryers

Calling all cooking enthusiasts and health-conscious folks! Amazon has just unleashed some incredible deals on top-notch air fryers, and trust me, your culinary adventures are about to get a whole lot healthier and easier. These kitchen marvels have become the talk of the town, giving you the green light to indulge in your favourite fried treats guilt-free. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of the hottest Amazon deals right now.

Amazon's Top Deals On Airfryers

1. Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer - Green

Discount: 45% | Price: ₹3,285 | M.R.P.: ₹5,995 | Rating: 3.7 out of 5

The Pigeon Healthifry Digital Air Fryer is your ticket to guilt-free indulgence. With a 4.2-litre capacity, it utilises 360° high-speed air circulation technology to achieve the perfect crispiness with just one spoon of oil. The powerful 1200 Watts ensures swift and even cooking, and the non-stick food basket makes clean-up a breeze.

Key Features:

  • Digital Convenience: Get your precision game on with the appointment function.
  • Generous Capacity: A 4.2-litre basket to satisfy your cravings without holding back.
  • Healthier Fried Food: Dive into your guilty pleasures with 85% less oil.
  • High-Speed Air Circulation: Thanks to the 360° technology, achieving crispy perfection is a breeze.
  • Powerful Performance: Boasting a 1200W heating element for swift and even cooking.
  • Non-Stick Basket: The 4.2L food basket ensures easy cleaning and non-stick cooking.

2. PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90 - Black

Discount: 22% | Price: ₹9,399 | M.R.P.: ₹11,995 | Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Philips brings sophistication to your kitchen with the HD9252/90 Air Fryer. This large 4.1-litre capacity fryer uses Rapid Air Technology for even frying without flipping the food. The touch screen with 7 presets, including a Keep Warm function, adds convenience to your cooking experience.

Key Features:

  • Healthy Cooking: Slash that fat by up to 90% with Rapid Air Technology.
  • Versatile Options: 7 pre-set menu options for your diverse cravings.
  • Intuitive Touch Panel: Easy controls with a touch screen and Keep Warm function.
  • Auto-Shut Off: Ensures safety by turning off when the basket is removed.
  • Extensive Cord Length: 1.8 metres for flexible kitchen placement.
  • Diverse Cooking Possibilities: From fries to cakes, explore a wide range of recipes.

3. Lifelong Digital 4.2L Air Fryer - Black

Discount: 72% | Price: ₹3,098 | M.R.P.: ₹10,999 | Rating: 3.9 out of 5

The Lifelong Digital Air Fryer is a powerhouse with a 72% discount. Its 4.2-litre capacity, coupled with hot air circulation technology, ensures that you can cook a variety of dishes with up to 99% less oil. The digital touch screen makes it easy to control time and temperature.

Key Features:

  • Oil-Free Frying: Utilises Hot Air Circulation Technology for healthier results.
  • Ample Capacity: 4.2 litres, perfect for family-sized portions.
  • Digital Operation: Easy-to-use digital touch screen with timer and temperature controls.
  • Easy Cleanup: Non-stick, dishwasher-safe basket for hassle-free maintenance.
  • Varied Functions: Adjustable settings for optimal results with different dishes.
  • Warranty: Backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

4. INALSA Air Fryer Digital Tasty Fry-1400W 4.2L - Black

Discount: 50% | Price: ₹4,995 | M.R.P.: ₹9,995 | Rating: 4.2 out of 5

The INALSA Tasty Fry offers a 50% discount and a myriad of cooking possibilities with its 8 preset programs. From frozen potatoes to cakes, this air fryer delivers. The digital touch screen, temperature control, and 1400W power ensure precise and efficient cooking.

Key Features:

  • Oil-Free Fryer: Utilises Air Crisp Technology for healthier frying.
  • 8 Preset Programs: Offers convenient cooking options for various dishes.
  • Fully Digital: Touch screen with easy settings for time and temperature.
  • Non-Stick Cooking Pan: 4.2L capacity with non-stick coating for efficient cooking.
  • Multipurpose Cooking: From aloo tikkis to cakes, explore diverse recipes.
  • Gift-worthy: Suitable for gifting on special occasions.

5. AGARO Sapphire Digital Air Fryer - Black

Discount: 42% | Price: ₹4,605 | M.R.P.: ₹7,995 | Rating: 4.4 out of 5

The AGARO Sapphire Digital Air Fryer, with a 42% discount, brings a touch of luxury to your kitchen. With 7 preset programs and 1400W power, it's perfect for small families. The digital display and touch control add to the convenience, making your cooking experience a delight.

Key Features:

  • 7 Preset Programs: Simplifies cooking with preset options for various dishes.
  • 4.5L Capacity: Ideal for small families and gatherings.
  • Rapid Hot Air Circulation: Ensures even cooking with 90% less oil.
  • Digital Panel: Easy control with a digital display and touch features.
  • Overheat Protection: Built-in safety measures for worry-free usage.
  • Inner Tray Included: Complete with accessories for versatile cooking.

6. Morphy Richards 5L Digital Air Fryer - Black

Discount: 51% | Price: ₹7,298 | M.R.P.: ₹14,990 | Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Morphy Richards brings a substantial 51% discount on their 5L Digital Air Fryer. With dual fan technology, adjustable time & temperature control, and 8 preset menus, this air fryer ensures efficient heat circulation for healthier and delicious meals.

Key Features:

  • Low-Fat Cooking: Boasts 65% less fat and 15% more protein retention.
  • Digital Control: 8 preset menus for convenient cooking options.
  • Dual Fan Technology: Efficient heat circulation for optimal results.
  • Voltage Fluctuation Protection: Ensures safe and stable operation.
  • Non-Stick Coated Basket: Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Warranty: Backed by a 2-year product warranty.

7. AMERICAN MICRONIC-Air Fryer-Digital- 6.5 Litre - Black & Steel

Discount: 31% | Price: ₹6,880 | M.R.P.: ₹9,980 | Rating: 4.3 out of 5

The AMERICAN MICRONIC Air Fryer, with a 31% discount, is a powerhouse with 1700W of power. Its 8 preset menus allow you to cook a variety of dishes with little to no oil. The cool-touch handle and built-in safety features ensure a hassle-free cooking experience.

Key Features:

  • Healthy Cooking: Prepares low-fat meals with little to no oil.
  • Superior Heating: 1700W power for rapid and even cooking.
  • 8 Preset Menu: Offers versatility with one-touch cooking options.
  • Large Capacity: 6.5 litres, suitable for 5-6 persons.
  • Cool-Touch Handle: Ensures safe handling of the fryer.
  • Brand Assurance: American Micronic delivers top-quality and innovative appliances.

8. Havells Air Fryer Prolife Digi - Black

Discount: 40% | Price: ₹7,440 | M.R.P.: ₹12,490 | Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Check out the Havells Prolife Digi Air Fryer - now at a cool 40% off! This bad boy comes with a 4-litre capacity, a snazzy digital touch panel, and even throws in an air filtration system for a hassle-free cooking fiesta. And let's not forget the auto on/off timer - a game-changer for all you health-conscious kitchen champs out there!

Key Features:

  • Digital Touch Panel: Convenient controls for temperature and timer.
  • Auto On/Off Timer: Enhances user convenience and safety.
  • Basket Release Button: Simplifies food handling and removal.
  • Air Filtration System: Ensures a clean and odour-free cooking experience.
  • 4L Pan Capacity: Sufficient for family-sized portions.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

Final Thoughts

Amazon is dishing out some seriously awesome deals on air fryers right now - a golden ticket for anyone wanting to level up their cooking game. We're talking discounts ranging from 22% to a whopping 72%! These air fryers aren't just about making your meals healthier; they're also a sweet deal that saves you some hard-earned cash. Don't miss out on these fantastic offers; dive into a culinary adventure that fits your health goals without sacrificing taste or convenience. Grab these stellar air fryer deals on Amazon, whether you're into top brands like Philips and Havells or scouting for budget-friendly options - there's a perfect fit for every kitchen. Say yes to healthier cooking without saying goodbye to flavour. Act fast, though, because these deals won't stick around forever! Happy cooking!