Space Camera's Ultra-High Resolution Captures Earth's Beauty In Breathtaking Images

The 360-degree action camera had to withstand extreme conditions during the rocket launch, including heat, space radiation, and powerful vibrations.

Space Camera's Ultra-High Resolution Captures Earth's Beauty In Breathtaking Images

The images show Earth as never before.

A Chinese company called Insta360 has launched a 360-degree action camera into space. The cameras are attached to a satellite that is orbiting the planet. The cameras have captured incredible 360-degree views of the stars, the Milky Way, and Earth. This is the first time that a 360-degree action camera has been sent into space. It required a lot of preparation to get the X2 camera ready for the harsh environment of space.

According to the New York Post, Insta360 launched the satellites with the 360-degree action cameras attached about 310 miles into space on January 16, after beginning the project in July 2021. The firm worked with Media Storm and the SAR satellite company Spacety to make the goal of sending the cameras off the planet possible.

The news portal further said that the camera company spent 12 months, including six months of research and development, to modify its retail cameras so that they could withstand the intense environment out in space. The initial launch date was set for 2022 but was postponed due to the pandemic until the launch earlier this year.

"The project runs on hard work, but a fair bit of luck, too," Insta360 said. "Space can be unpredictable, and there is no backup hardware or software if the camera runs into any issues. Luckily, both cameras and their sensors are still fully functioning and offer an incredible look at outer space."

For a span of two years, these satellites, transporting the cameras in a continuous circuit around the planet, have been meticulously programmed. Upon completing their designated mission, they are set to depart Earth's orbit, ultimately meeting their fate by being incinerated into the expanses of outer space.