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Testclear Review: Does Testclear THC Detox Products Work?

The effectiveness of Testclear products may vary from person to person, and it's essential to use them responsibly and in accordance with the provided guidelines.

Testclear Review: Does Testclear THC Detox Products Work?

The products of Testclear have been in the market for 25 years

Humans have been using cannabis for a long time. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is its main constituent which is responsible for its psychoactive effects. Setting aside the side effects of cannabis abuse,it poses a serious problem when you need to pass drug tests for a job. This article will show you how to pass drug tests using Testclear Products.

Drug tests can be unsupervised or supervised. But by reading the Testclear review you will be able to understand how you can clear the drug test using various detox programmes as well as a simulated urine kit offered by Testclear.

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Testclear: detoxification solutions and at-home drug test

The products of Testclear have been in the market for 25 years. The products are continuing to provide solutions to pass drug tests to the people. You can pass all types of drug tests such as urine drug tests, hair drug tests and saliva drug tests using the products of Testclear.

Products that offer solutions for supervised drug tests

Supervised drug test is the most stringent of all the drug tests. Supervised drug tests can be of two types. One in which the watchman keeps track of your every movement to detect any anomaly. But though the watchman will always remain observing you he will not watch you urinating.

In the other type of supervised drug test the observer will even watch you urinating.

Following products will suit in cases of supervised drug tests

Though  rare, in some cases the employer may ask you for a supervised drug test or you may need to submit clean urine in some drug related court case. Whatever may be the case, the supervised drug test products will surely help you pass the drug test whether it is urine, blood, saliva or hair follicle drug test.

The products are

  1. 10 Day Toxin Rid Detox Programme costing $189.95
  2. 5 Day Toxin Rid Detox Program costing $109.95
  3. 4 Day Toxin Rid Detox Program costing $89.95
  4. 3 Day Toxin Rid Detox Program costing $69.95
  5. 2 Day Toxin Rid Detox Program costing $59.95
  6. 1 Day Toxin Rid Detox Program costing $54.95
  7. 4 Day Toxin Rid Detox Program costing $89.95
  8. 7 Day Toxin Rid Detox Pill costing $153.95
  9. Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo $235.90
  10. Urine Simulation With Powdered Urine Kit $59.95
  11. 10 Day Toxin Rid Detox Program  For Extreme Exposure To Toxin costing $189.95
  12. 5 Day Toxin Rid Detox Program For Heavy Toxin Exposure costing $109.95

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Testclear Products For Testing Yourself

If you would like to know whether you are positive for THC, here are Testclear products to help you out. These testing kits are accurate and it covers a wide range of drugs like marijuana, cocaine, opiates and methamphetamines. Test kits are available to test oxycodone levels which checks the traces of ecstasy in the body. There are also hair follicle test kits and these kits are the same as are used by the law enforcement.

So with these varieties of test kits you can know the drug remains in your blood, urine, saliva or hair before the drug test so that you can take appropriate remedial actions. So use these test kits and get your peace of mind.


  1. Amphetamine Home Drug Test ITG Lab Price $9.95
  2. Barbiturate Drug Testing Kit ITG Lab Price $9.95
  3. Benzodiazepine Test kit ITG Lab Price $9.95
  4. Ecstasy Drug Testing Kit ITG Lab Price $9.95
  5. Methamphetamine Drug test ITG Lab Price $9.95
  6. Nicotine Drug Test Kit ITG Lab ITG Lab Price $9.95
  7. Oxycodone Drug Test Kit ITG Lab Price $9.95
  8. Steroid Drug Testing Kit ITG Lab Price $145.99
  9. Cocaine Drug Testing Kit ITG Lab Price $9.95
  10. Hair Confirm Hair Drug Test Kit ITG Lab Price $59.99
  11. Marijuana Drug Testing Kit ITG Lab Price $9.95
  12. Opiate Drug Testing Kit ITG Lab Price $9.95
  13. Hair Confirm Prescription Hair Drug Test Kit ITG Lab Price $159.99
  14. k2/Spice/Synthetic Marijuana Drug Testing Kit ITG Lab Price $9.95
  15. Saliva Confirm 5 Panel Oral Fluid Screening Kit Hair Confirm $13.95
  16. 5 Panel Multi-drug Home Dip Test ITG Lab Price $10.95
  17. Hair confirm business hair drug testing kit Price $145.99
  18. Hair Confirm Express Hair Drug Testing Kit Price 159.99
  19. 10 Panel Multi-Drug Home dip Test ITG Lab Price $15.95

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More detailed information about a few top products of Clear Test

1) 10 days detox program

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Click here to buy Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox

The company will send you a package containing the following:

  1. A container containing 150 pills of Toxin Rid
  2. One ounce of dietary fiber
  3. Detox liquid one ounce

Usage instruction

Step 1 how to use detox pills

Take 3 pills every hour and continue the same for five hours totalling an intake of 15 pills per day. You must not exceed the intake per day to more than 15 pills. Take the pills with one glass of water and swallow the pills. Take care to have your pills at the same time everyday for good results. You have to drink ½ gallon of water per day. Good and balanced diet is very important. See that your diet contains a large quantity of fruits, vegetables, lean meat and various healthy foods.

Step 2 use of detox liquid

You have to use the detox liquid taking a gap of two hours after completing your last set of pills on the tenth day when you complete 150 Toxin Rid Pills. During these two hours you have to be on fasting. Pour half of the detox liquid and mix it with 8 to 16 Oz of pure water or orange juice. Drink the mix and refrain from eating or drinking for 2 hours. After two hours take the remaining half of the detox liquid with 8 to 16 Oz of liquid as before. Refrain from eating and drinking for further two hours.

Step 3 use of dietary fiber

This step is not mandatory. In case your drug test date falls one to four days after completing the 10 day detox program, you may use dietary fiber. Mix the fiber supplement with 8 Oz of pure water and take the mix within 2 minutes. After taking the dietary fiber thus, give a 15 minute pause and then drink 16 Oz of water. You have to take dietary fiber one hour prior to the drug test. Before going in for the drug test, urinate two to three times to let all the toxins flush out from the system.

2) Urine Simulation With Powdered Urine Kit

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Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit Price: $59.95

If you face a sudden drug test call, then Urine Simulation With Powdered Urine Kit is the best choice to pass the drug test. Though a bit complex the kit assures you synthetic urine closely resembles real human urine. The fake urine prepared from the powder has all the significant elements of real urine and appears and smells like real human urine.

The items you get in the Testclear powdered simulation urine kit are

  • Powdered urine in a vial
  • Transport vial, medical quality 50 ml with blue lid
  • Temperature strip 1 no
  • Air activated heater 2 nos

Usage instruction

  • At first you have to get the vial containing powdered urine and the 50 ml tube. Pour the powdered urine into the tube.
  • Then mix pure water at room temperature into the powdered urine and fill up to the brink of the tube. Shake the tube till all the powdered urine gets dissolved.
  • Take the temperature strip provided on the tube at the front side. Take out the heating pad and peel out the paper to stick it to the tube on the side opposite to that of the temperature strip.
  • Check the temperature of the fake pee before the drug test and it should be within 32 to 37 degree celsius.

Preparation before the drug test

  1. You have to prepare your liquid fake urine one hour prior to the drug test. Because it takes about 45 minutes for the fake liquid to heat up. The temperature strip and the heater should be attached opposite to each other. You must check the temperature of the synthetic urine sample before submission.
  2. The synthetic urine so made is free from toxins and adulterants. It contains all the important constituents similar to real human urine. Also its appearance and color, scent and other specifications resemble that of real urine. So it is highly dependable and helps you to pass the drug test.
  3. You get one 50 ml tube, a vial containing the powdered urine, an air-activated heater that works for 6 hours, one temperature strip and instruction sheet. The only thing you have to arrange is pure water.
  4. The tube capacity is 50 ml and you have to fill it to its top. For the drug test you need to submit a 45 ml of urine sample. If required you can dilute the mix adding more water up to 75 ml.
  5. Sometimes it is possible that there will be a delay in conducting the drug test. For such emergencies you may purchase an extra heater.
  6. Some employers may ask for more urine to check fake samples. For such times you may buy an extra 15 ml vial.

3) Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

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Click here to buy Old style Aloe Toxin Rid Shampoo

This shampoo was primarily made to remove hair contaminants. But later it was found that the shampoo can also remove toxins from the hair follicles.

Usage instructions

  • Moisten the hair and apply the shampoo
  • Gently massage the shampoo into your hair as well as scalp
  • Leave the shampooed hair for 15 minutes
  • Wash and rinse using lukewarm water.
  1. Though old style aloe toxin rid shampoo is itself the best option to make your hair free from toxin to pass the drug test, you can also use Ultra Clean. These two pair nicely and work as a team. Their effects are in another way and the two combined gives you a wonderful cure.
  2. You should use the shampoo 3 to 10 days in advance as per the time permits. In case you do not have much time before the drug test, you may resort to multiple showers in a day. Take care to see that your hairs stay lathered for about 10 to 15 minutes. For best results you should resort to 15 times prior to your drug test.
  3. The toxin remains mostly on the scalp at the hair follicles. Carefully remove all the layers of older oils.
  4. The shampoo is made using a deep cleaning formula and it won't cause any harm to your hair. The shampoo is equipped with ingredients that would remove all the toxic remains with delicacy. The advanced technology ( microspheric ) will enable gradual release of environmental pollutants, residual built-up, chlorines and other chemicals, minerals of hard water etc.
  5. The company emphatically advises to use Ultra Clean Shampoo along with Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid for the best results.

Factors to be considered for selecting the detox program

  1. Amount and frequency of consumption have a big role in the selection of the detox program. How long you are in drug abuse is also to be taken into account.
  2. Next important factor is the weight and height of the candidate. For slender individuals losing weight or for the obese the detox program has to be longer. Please note that the toxins stay on the fat cells.
  3. The person with a fast metabolism will naturally detox quickly. When we are young we have a fast metabolism and we detox naturally. With aging metabolism slows down requiring more t
  4. time to detox. On an average THC stays in your system for 30 days but it may linger on to 100 days without proper cleansing.
  5. During the detox program avoid heavy exercise. As the toxins get attached to the fat cells the detox program targets these fat cells. Heavy exercise may be counterproductive to the detox program. It is better to relax and allow the detox pills and liquid to cleanse your system.

FAQ's on TestClear:

1. **What is Testclear, and how does Testclear work to help you pass a drug test?**

   - Testclear is a trusted brand offering a range of detox products designed to help individuals pass drug tests. Testclear products work by aiding the body's natural detoxification process, eliminating THC and other toxins over time.

2. **Can Testclear products effectively clear THC from your system?**

   - Yes, Testclear products, such as Toxin Rid detox kits, are specifically formulated to assist in the removal of THC and other substances from your body, making it easier to pass drug tests.

3. **Are Testclear detox products safe to use?**

   - Testclear products are generally considered safe when used as directed. They are formulated with carefully selected ingredients to support detoxification.

4. **How long before a drug test should I use Testclear products for the best results?**

   - For optimal results, it is recommended to use Testclear products as instructed, typically starting several days to a few weeks before your scheduled drug test.

5. **Are there any Testclear reviews from customers who have successfully passed their drug tests?**

   - Many customers have shared positive Testclear reviews, detailing their successful experiences in passing drug tests after using Testclear products. These testimonials highlight the effectiveness of Testclear.

6. **What ingredients are used in Testclear's Toxin Rid detox products?**

   - Testclear's Toxin Rid detox kits contain a combination of natural and herbal ingredients known for their detoxification properties. Ingredients may include herbs, vitamins, and minerals that aid in toxin elimination.

7. **Can Testclear products guarantee a negative result on a drug test?**

   - While Testclear products are designed to increase your chances of passing a drug test, no product can guarantee a specific outcome. Factors such as individual metabolism and the type of drug test used can influence results.

8. **Do Testclear products work for all types of drug tests, including urine, saliva, and hair tests?**

   - Testclear offers a variety of products tailored to different drug testing methods, including urine, saliva, and hair tests. You can choose the product that best matches your testing needs.

9. **Are there any precautions or guidelines to follow when using Testclear products?**

   - Yes, it's crucial to follow the instructions provided with Testclear products carefully. Additionally, staying hydrated and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can enhance the detoxification process.

10. **What should I do if I still test positive after using Testclear products?**

    - If you continue to test positive after using Testclear products, consider consulting with a healthcare professional or exploring alternative options. Keep in mind that individual responses to detox products may vary.

Please note that the effectiveness of Testclear products may vary from person to person, and it's essential to use them responsibly and in accordance with the provided guidelines.

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