Woman Says Her Millionaire Husband Charges Rent, Goes On Lavish Trips Without Her. See Post

The woman said that she works for more than 40 hours a week, while her husband stays at home and indulges in expensive hobbies like golf and sailing.

Woman Says Her Millionaire Husband Charges Rent, Goes On Lavish Trips Without Her. See Post

Redditors said that her husband seemed more like her landlord and not a partner.

A woman has revealed that her millionaire husband asks her to pay rent to live together. In a Reddit post, the woman who goes by the name OrigamiTorbie, complained that her husband does not allow her to enjoy the pleasures of being a millionaire's wife. He charges her rent for living in the home and does not pay her bills, even for minor amounts. 

The Redditor said she had been married for six years but had lived with her husband for 12 years before he married. The woman also said that they share no children.

''My husband is a millionaire many times over and retired at 50. He inherited all his money from his mother 4 years ago. We've lived together for nearly 2 decades. My sticking point is this: despite his massive inheritance, my husband still charges me monthly rent and bills me for every tiny expense. I have a modest amount of savings, around $250k, but they are largely tied up in my 401k, so can't afford to retire anytime soon,'' she wrote in the post. 

Here's the post:

My husband is a multimillionaire but still charges me rent after 17 years together.
byu/OrigamiTorbie inMarriage

The woman further said that she works for more than 40 hours a week, while her husband stays at home and indulges in expensive hobbies like golf and sailing. He also takes long trips without her. 

When she first met her husband, the woman said he was working a normal job earning about $40,000 and at the time, they decided to split all their expenses. ''He had a couple of bad experiences dating women who he said wanted him to support them, so we agreed to always split expenses 50/50, and to never share finances. We lived quite happily in rented properties for most of our relationship, splitting the rent, gas, internet, etc., my share of which came to around $1200. We kept our bank accounts separate, and even went so far as to grocery shop for our items separately,'' the post read.

However, their lives changed when his mother died. It turned out her mother's small business was worth more than expected and he and his sister inherited $8M each. 

The husband bought a ''fancy new house'' so the woman assumed she would not be paying rent anymore, but was shocked to discover that her husband increased her rent to $1800 since the utilities and property taxes had gone up.

When she worked from home during the pandemic, she learned about how lavishly her husband spent his days. She wrote: “Working remotely, I got to see first-hand how my husband spends his days. He rarely rises before 11 am, then after a round of golf at the nearby course he comes home, cooks a leisurely lunch, and spends his afternoon watching sports on TV.

He is constantly (and loudly) on the phone with his guy friends planning elaborate weekend trips away boating, and goes on week-long getaways with several other richer retirees from our friend-circle every few months.''

The woman said that she was hesitant to address her feelings to her husband as she did not want him to think she wanted the money. She added she feels sad that he never offered to share his good fortune with her.

''I guess my biggest fear is that once I've brought up the subject, I can't ‘put the cat back in the box', and he'll think I just want his money and it will cause us to break up. But that's the furthest thing from the truth. I loved him for over a decade when we were both broke. To be honest I just want back the life we had before he inherited all this money. We were so happy, and now he's the only one left in this relationship who's happy,'' she said further. 

Redditors were shocked to read her post, and many said that her husband seemed more like her landlord and not a partner. 

One user wrote, ''I would honestly just stop paying this so-called ''rent''. If he is so desperate for it he is willing to divorce me well then there is my answer, he doesn't love me at all. It's not looking good for you OP, he treats you like someone who doesn't love you.''

Another commented, ''Your husband is a multimillionaire partially because he charges you for rent and living expenses. He's your landlord and it's hella weird.'' A third said, ''Your husband is a total d***head. Leave him and find someone who is normal and will treat you right.;;

A fourth added, ''You're not in a marriage. You have a roommate. A husband would want to share a magnificent life with his wife. He would want her to be able to retire and take her on wonderful trips. He would want to share his windfall and make joint decisions on how to proceed with life together. A roommate keeps a separate life, a husband wants to build a life together. I would suggest marriage counselling to determine what kind of relationship this truly is.''

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