Why More And More Millennials Are Choosing To Become 'Pod People'

Pod sharing is a new way of community living

Housing costs have increased drastically in the last decade. In 2018, only 56% of homes were considered affordable for an average American family. According to one study, only a little more than a third of millennials in the US currently own homes, a rate lower than Generation X and baby boomers when they were the same age - and the situation is not very different in other countries.

The increase in housing costs is one of the main reasons behind a new way of community living - pod sharing.

More and more millennials are choosing to co-live in pods rather than sharing apartments, as a video by Insh explores.

PodShare is a service that creates compact, dorm-like buildings that hold about 10 to 30 people. All the residents share a communal area, kitchen and bathrooms, and for about $50 a night, you can rent your own space in a pod that comes with a twin bed, a storage area and a small TV.

Another reason behind the increase in popularity of pod sharing is that it solves another problem: loneliness. Pod owners believe that living together fosters a sense of community, with residents meeting new people frequently.

Would you ever try a pod share? Let us know using the comments section.

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