What Does The Fox Say? Watch This Massively Viral Video To Find Out

Over 18 million views for this fox video.

What Does The Fox Say? Watch This Massively Viral Video To Find Out

Finnegan, Dixie, and Vixie are foxes that live at the 'Save A Fox' rescue sanctaury.

In the year 2013, a viral song led millions of people across the world to the surprising realisation that they had no idea what sound a fox makes. 'The Fox' by Norwegian duo Ylvis helpfully informed people that dogs woof, cats meow and birds tweet - but "What does the fox say?" it asked. 

Now, a video that has collected a whopping 18 million views on social media offers an answer to those who are still confused. 

The hilarious video shows foxes 'laughing' on being tickled and has delighted social media users. It was first shared by 'Save A Fox' - a non-profit organisation that aims to rescue foxes from fur farms. In the video, three foxes - named Finnegan, Dixie, and Vixie - appear to squeal in amusement as their handler tickles and cuddles them. 

The video was first shared on YouTube in March this year and recently resurfaced on Twitter. Take a look at it below:

The clip has collected over 8.5 million views on Twitter, along with a whopping 10 million views on YouTube. It has also garnered hundreds of amused comments - several of them from people relieved to finally find the answer to "What does the fox say". 

According to Live Science, red foxes actually have a wide variety of vocalizations. They use these calls to communicate with family groups, find mates and warn rivals. However, the 'laughter' sound has only been observed in domesticated foxes, reports Psychology Today. The "ha ha" sounds they make closely mimic human laughter. 

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