Anand Mahindra Shares ROFL Video Of Dog Watching Soccer. Laughter Guaranteed

The adorable video shows the dog jumping off a sofa and landing on the floor as the commentary reaches fever pitch

Anand Mahindra Shares ROFL Video Of Dog Watching Soccer. Laughter Guaranteed

Anand Mahindra's video shows an excited dog watching a sporting event on TV.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra has tweeted a video of an adorable dog watching television, possibly a high-intensity soccer match. It appears the game was approaching a key moment as the commentator's voice rose in excitement. The commentator can be heard saying, “Pirlo, Pirlo”, and then shouts “Goal!” As the commentary began to reach fever-pitch, the dog jumps on the sofa and lands on the floor, making its caretaker burst into laughter. The Mahindra Group chairman said he would jump in exhilaration in the same way as the pooch when someone finally announces authoritatively on television that the coronavirus pandemic “is done and dusted”.

Sharing the video on his Twitter handle, Mr. Mahindra said, “I guess they're watching a soccer match. But I'm going to be just like that pooch when someone finally announces on TV that the pandemic is done and dusted.”

A number of people commented on the video and shared their thoughts. One user said he related to Mr. Mahindra's excitement about the dog watching a football match.

Another user said the dog and its caretaker could be watching a rugby game on a 3D television and it must have felt it was going to get hit when the ball was thrown towards the camera. The user also urged people to take vaccines and eradicate COVID-19 completely.

A third user agreed with the vaccination pitch, but said the sport was definitely football.

In one of his recent tweets, he praised the frontline workers for showing incredible courage and fighting spirit to defeat the coronavirus. He shared a video of healthcare professionals dancing to a peppy number to mark one year of fighting the pandemic at their COVID-19 facility.

“I was wondering that if this video was put in a time capsule and opened a century later, what do you think people would conclude life was like in 2021?” Mr. Mahindra had tweeted.

Mr Mahindra has been keeping a close tab on updates about the spread of the pandemic and steps taken to curb it. He also regularly advises people about COVID-appropriate behaviour through his Twitter.

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