Watch: Traffic Stops For Mama Duck And Babies. It Only Gets Better From There

The clip showed the mother duck and her babies surveying the store like a potential customer would

Watch: Traffic Stops For Mama Duck And Babies. It Only Gets Better From There

A mama duck was spotted leading her ducklings through the streets of New York.

A New Yorker has been able to capture the incredible ‘outing' of a duck and her eight ducklings as they strolled the streets of one of the most populous cities in the US. In a series of short videos that have gone viral, Doug Gordon, who is “trying to make our city's streets more humane for all”, showed how the birds took baby steps across a busy street as the traffic stopped. According to Mr Gordon, multiple people helped stop traffic to help the duck family, and the story only got better from there. 

The family then entered a bagel store and came out after some time, with the camera following them all the while. There's still no word on what they ordered at the store.

Mr Gordon followed the ducks on the footpath and to the Bagel World entrance but allowed them their privacy inside the eatery. The second video showed the ducks moving past a snacks display towards an empty area, possibly to survey the store like a potential customer would.

“After a few minutes the ducks came out and one of the Bagel World employees helped lure them to the opposite curb with some bread crumbs. They are on their way up 4th Street, hopefully to Prospect Park,” said Mr Gordon in the third tweet.

In the final update documenting the journey, he said another New Yorker had accompanied the ducks to a nearby park and they went into the woods safely. “Happy Ending!”, he wrote.

The videos have gone viral, with the first one getting the maximum retweets at 1,300. Many people commented on the thread to thank the person who guided the ducks to the park safely and to hail the person who tried to feed them during the tiring journey.

Few others were just in awe of the ducks for being street-smart and “savvy” when crossing the street.

An ABC news report said traffic came to a halt to allow the ducks to safely cross the street.

“These ducks emerged from beneath an NYPD school safety van,” Mr. Gordon told Gothamist website. He jokingly added he does not know whether the ducks came out of the Bagel store because they didn't like the menu, or if they were chased out.

“They went right out into the street. A couple of us jumped out to stop traffic so they didn't get run over, and then they got to the other side. It was adorable, a real Brooklyn-steps-up sort of moment, New Yorkers taking charge,” he said.

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