This Article is From Feb 04, 2022

Watch: Monkey's Priceless Reaction To Zoo Visitor's Magic Trick

The monkey's jaw fell open as the zoo visitor made the leaf disappear in front of his eyes

A monkey was surprised by a magic trick in a zoo in Mexico.

Maximiliano Ibarra could not have hoped for a better or more appreciative audience for his 'magic' trick. The TikTok user was visiting the Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico when he decided to perform a simple vanishing trick in front of a monkey. What followed next was captured in a video that has delighted the Internet.

Footage that has gone viral online shows Mr Ibarra holding a leaf in front of the monkey, who was sitting inside his glass enclosure. The monkey, a Japanese macaque, initially did not pay too much attention to the zoo visitor, focusing instead on eating something off the ground. All that changed when Mr Ibarra made the leaf 'vanish' by running his hand over it. 

The monkey's jaw fell open as the zoo visitor made the leaf disappear in front of his eyes. A hilarious video of the moment shows the animal staring wide-eyed at the zoo visitor. As Mr Ibarra made the leaf 'reappear', the monkey ran up and down his enclosure and put his hand over his mouth, as if too stunned by what he had witnessed. 

The ape's reaction has delighted millions of views. According to Daily Mail, it has been viewed nearly 2 million times on TikTok, where it was first shared last week. It has spread across social media since then.

"That's hilarious, yet amazing to watch the intelligence of monkeys," wrote one commenter on YouTube. "He's sweet like a child. So humanlike," said another, while a third viewer remarked: "That is so cute. The monkey's reactions is hilarious."

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